MTH201 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Apr 12, 2022
Mth 201
Mcqs from handouts but not so difficult

Integral given and r²=4cos2ø of rose petal in ist quad find limit only
Y=3-x. And y=3-x² find point of intersection
Find line integral of integral 2xdx and point (0,2)to(2,2)
Find crul of F
Find grad div A
Find arc length

Mth201 paper

Total 26 question and 20 were mcqs and 6 was subjective type...
3 subjective questions about Sampson 1/3 rule including one long on the same topic
1 long was about to find arc length using s formula
1 short was about to tell about exact or not exact differential..
One short to llr(t)ll and the value of r(t) was given

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