CS411 Midterm Current Papers 2023

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Apr 12, 2022

Moslty mcqs junaid files
2 marks question
*write C# code that will change the foreground to blue when the mouse enter the button?
*aik table dia tha jis main participants batanay thy EDA and request response architecture k.
5 marks question
*explain attached property in WPF with the help of an example?
*write a delegate in C# that will assign to an event “Click” which will later on register that method onclick() that will be called when the event “click” is fired.


Mcqs from junaid files+handouts
XmlReader and how it is imported??
Can static constructor initialize to non static constructor? Give your answer with yes or no with solid reason?
Ek xml code ko explain krna tha.
Elaborate stateful agent idea.


18 mcqz past paper RM file other are from handouts
5 button bnane the stachpanel ke
code given tha output btane the
types of constructor
attributes of xaml 2006
implementation of color brush

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