MGT201 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Apr 12, 2022

1. Calculate fair price. Risk free return. Market return., beta value. Growth rate values given. (3)
2. calculate ROE(3)
EBIT, Tax, interest & equity values given.
3. Calculate portfolio risk(5)
4. Fixed cost, variable cost per unit, given. EBIT wala formula tha (5).


MCQs are conceptual you have to calculate values
Difference between sml and cml?
Calculate Expected return of portfolio 1 and 2 and which one is best to invest?long
Price of share is 90 and dividend is 5 calculate company's preferred stock?.
Calculate breakeven point and operational leverage? long


Q1. 3 marks
RoR and Preferred stock after net proceed maloom karna tha.
Share value 10
Dividend p.a 4
Floating expense 1
NP=market value - floating expense
Q2. 3 marks
Equity. 50%
Beta stock 0.8
Beta debt 0.6
Evaluate all values of beta.
Beta portfolio and variance formulas lgney thy.
Q3. 5 marks
Stock A ror. 8.5%
Probability A 0.55
Stock B ror. 12.5%
Probability B 0.45
Find RoR and risk of stocks.
Single stock formula,s lagny thy.
Q4. 5 marks
Large asset and small asset advantages.
MCQ,s are all conceptual not from any file.
Sml se 2 aye cml se 3 aye
Dividend se 2 dividend payout 2 portfolio se 2 risk se 3 ror se 3 leverage se 2 wacc se 3


Total quality activities 5 marks
Why do project fail 5 marks
Procurement for projects. Describe any three. 3 marks
Mcqs from current n past papers 10 almost.

mgt201 paper

1)From given data find total market value.
2) risk and causes of risk.

1)legal restriction to dividend policy.
2)from WACC. MARKET retrn find krna ta.
Mcqs. 3 mcq divident policy say tay. 2 MM theory say

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