MGT101 Current Final Term Papers 2022


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Mcqs conceptual thy ur handouts sy

Question 1:

Machinery = Rs 100,000

Carriage outwards = Rs 18,000

Carriage inwards = 12,000

Net Purchase Value = 120,000

Calculate “Net Book Value of Machine” rate 10% per Anum using Straight Line Method.

Question 2: Find “Net Loss” from the given details (Details lambi thi yaad nahi)

Question 3: According to Periodic inventory system inki general entries banani thi

Details: Goods (which is purchased for 20,000) Sold for 30,000 on cash basis

Question 4: Find “Current Liabilities”

Or short or long ma

Companies ka(5)numb or partnership ka(5)num ka quiz aya tha gross profit or net profit find krna tha..

2 num k quiz ma 2 jounral entries thi un ki entries pass krni thi


Mcqs Question almost 16 17 18 Modules

Calculate Cost of Good manufacturers 5 marks

3 mcqs average method good will k thay two three marks ka table tha creditf and debit site alag krni thi

Or mcqs k FIFO system in ISA2 k 4 mcqs thy

Basic Concept of debit and credit 3 marks

Partnership ka 1 long tha 5 marks

Sold of good asset find krni thi 3 marks

Rent expense and net expenses find krna tha 2 marks

Subjective bahut easy tha general entries thi objective Sara handouts or slides.



MCQ's, all of them were conceptual

Some MCQ's were from the last quizzes

questions were mostly from the manufacturing, inventory, balance sheet, trial balance and income statements.

4 questions of 3 marks,

Partners share profit distribution ratio 3:2.

Prime cost of manufactured goods

Suspense account

And on other which I've forgot

3 questions of 5 marks

Balance sheet

Trial balance

Calculation of current assets

(small calculations, not more than 8 entries for all of the above short and long questions)

Tables were provided in the questions and you just have to copy them down in your solution.

mgt101 ka paper

mcqs from all modules and conceptual

Some questions 3 marks and 5 marks

1 Find income from profit and expense given.

2 make control account of creditors 5 marks

3 weighted average method finding inventories 5 marks

Today MGT101 paper


4 questions of five marks thy ho k creditor control account aur debtors control account k problem thy aur McQ zada credit aur debit rules waly thy

Today Mgt101 paper:

Q1. Straight line method.

Q2. Calculate Manufacturing cost.

Q3. Journal entry. 5 Mark's

Q4. Evaluate the difference b/w Debit Account and Credit Account vs Rs's. 5 marks.

Other questions are Conceptual.

2 long thy 5 num ka debtor account bana tha or dosara question tha asset disposal bana tha
balance and income statement

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