EDU501 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Apr 12, 2022
EDU 501

1. Anum is an experienced teacher. What benefits of it for her?
2. Why is teacher education necessary
3. How can you teach to respect in student learning
4. What are difference between smaller school and bigger school education system
5. What is relation of staff and management committee
6. What are measure that student should know in health school education?

Mcqs 2 3 quiz mein se the baki conceptual the

Edu501 paper

1.what is the history of school health programs in Pakistan.
2.what are the characteristics of good school.
3.what is the benefit of professional training for teachers. school health programs promote the health if children
5.why Pakistan teachers are less paid than other society.

Edu 501

Mcqs were from last quiz mostly some wee conceptual...

Role of sport in school health program 5

Factor influences academic achievement 5

Instructional strategies for effective learning 5

Recruitment policy

Male and female influence on school achievement


Some mcqs 3rd quiz file se ay baqi conceptual...

1. Teacher students’ interaction in small school 2marks
2. Link of cultural identity and national identity 2marks
3. What is factor affecting the

students 3marks
4. Health safety for children 3marks
5. Influence the academic achievements 5marks skills supports 5marks
7. Classroom teaching practice 5marks

My paper Edu501

1.Teacher less paid
2. Head teacher decision making
3. Health program promote health education
4 . Characteristics of health program 5 marks
5. Female education compulsory ?

Instructional strategies Kai hoti ha detail ma

Define teacher education?

Conducive environment

EDU 501

Role of text book in national identity.

Less qualified teachers.

Education system of Pakistan.

Small size of school has advantage over bigger school explain.

Components of teacher education.

Behavior of staff with management committee.

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