EDU301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Apr 12, 2022

*What is mental planning page 288
*What is jigsaw technique page 244
*Social developmental activities 161, 163 164, 165, 169
*Social activities
*Name two research projects of children
*Types of goal structure
*Types of induction method (presentation 132, method223)
*Why big ideas are important? Lesson 25 and 27
*Phases of classroom dicsussion page 265 or lesson 39
*Coperative learning lesson 35, 36, 37
*Project based leaning page253
*Unguided inductive 216, 220
*Intrinsic motivation lesson 42 page 279, 283
*De Bono's six thinking hats Page 200
*Examples of discovery learning 233, lesson 41
*Scientific methods lesson 33
*Generate to generative idea ....?
*Define question (essential? Lesson 25 and 27)
*Explain stpes of scientific method. 258?
*How to work in group ... Cooperative learning?
*What effect of instructional on model
* Four types of integration lesson 27
*What should quality of feed back
*How essential question are big idea in class room
*Difference between immersed and networked integration
*Bruner stages lesson 30
*Integrated curriculum
*Inductive method
*Problem based learning
*Motivational theories pages 277
*STAD 245
*Interpreted data?
*Define Benefits of integration?
*What is cooperative learning?
*Piaget’s stages page 162
*Discourse discussion pattern in class room???
*explain steps of scientific method 5marks
* How to work in group 5marks
*What effect of instructional on model 271, 267
*Four types of integration
*What should quality of feedback ... Spread in various places
* How essential question are big idea in class room
*Nested inquiry 187
*Variable n constant 228
Development brain lesion 23, 24, page 168
*Cooperative learning
* Discourse in class 5 m page 260 onward
*Increasing higher level thinking 5m 267, lesson 29
*Brain development activities 5m
*Teaching tool 2m lesson 44
*Sub roles of task oriented 3m page 248
*explain stpes of scientific method page 258?
* how to work in group 5marks
*What effect of instructional on model
*Four types of integration
* What should quality of feed back
* How essential question are big idea in class room
* identifying learning goals 238
* Identifying generative theme 196
* Decide on the activities, diagram and timeline. 197
* Assessment of the integrated unit 197
*What is meaningful practice ?269
*How essential question and big ideas related ?
*What is syntax methd??n
*Step of induction method???
*Benefits of group learning? 5 194, 232, lesson38
*Feature of formal operational stage?
*Steps of induction
*Function of right brain
*Problem based disadvantage
*Direct instruction
*Methods of direct instruction catagory 2
*Social development
*what is diversity.
*what is team teaching ...
*brain development activites...
*cooperative learning..

group classs room..
*Define goals 2
*What is observing 5
*What is integration method discus in detail. 5marks
*Improvement by direct discussion 5.
*What is discussion.
*Note on types of discussion
*Advantages of cooperative learning
*Difference between essential and unit questions
*Fine motor
*What is science?

EDU 301

Give some examples of discovery learning. 5

What is Three stages of burner. 3

What is integration. Explain in detail. 5

What is relation b/w Instructional learning and Constructivism. 5

Define instructional learning. 2 baqi yad nai

EDU301 (overseas)

Mcqs from handouts but some asking for specific names

1. Criticism of gillian -2
2. Concept maps -2
3. Law and social order stage -3
4. General and specific transfer -3
5. Physical characteristics of junior high school students
6. 2 stages of piaget - 5
7. Write a note on creative thinking – 5

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