CS501 Midterm Current Papers 2023

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Apr 12, 2022
Paper 1

Total questions: 31
Total Marks: 42 ( attempting paper of 30 marks)
Total MCQs: 26( attempt 22)
Total marks of MCQ’s: 22
• 4 MCQ’s: SRC instructions
• 4 MCQ’s: FALCON-A/E processor
• 4 MCQ’s: EAGLE
• 2 MCQ’s: Exceptions
• 2 MCQ’s: Control Unit
• 2 MCQ’s: Pipelining
• 4 MCQ’s: (conceptual)/ hazards, GPRs,PC,IR.
• 4 MCQ’s: (general knowledge) memory of each processor, notations, microprogramming

Total Short questions: 2 (attempt 1)
Total Marks: 3 each question
• Briefly explain two important features of reset operation.
• Write 3 types of Exceptions, and briefly explain

Totao Long question: 2 (attempt 1)
Total Marks: 5 each question
• Describe Fetch operation using RTL, and explain
• Write RTL for Hazard Detection between stage 2-5.

That’s all i remember, forgive any mistakes. JazakAllah

Paper 2

MCQs 12-14 Past papers se thy, baaqi Conceptual thy, or 1,2 out of syllables bhi thi (18 lectures k ilawa bhi)

(1) Control Flow k two instructions k name
(2) Effective Address

(1)Write the assembly language code for expression Z = 16(a+b)-32(c-58)

(2)What are the processes of Exception in SRC (aisay hee tha kuch)

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