Ramom School Subscription (Saas)

Ramom School Subscription (Saas) v2.1

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Apr 12, 2022
kashif submitted a new resource:

Ramom School Subscription (Saas) - Download Free Ramom School Subscription (Saas)

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Ramom Saas addon adds School Subscription(Saas) module in “Ramom Multi Branch School Management System”. Using this addon the superadmin can create subscription plan of own choice and manage any number of school, also offer Free Trial. User can purchase the school subscription plan of his/her choice by making payment through the website, Also user can renew the subscription plan anytime through online payment.

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why cant i edit my exam mark entry it i have added over 300 students but cant edit the mark_entry if you can help me fix it ill share v2.2 here I
Screenshot (62).png

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