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MGT301 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Mcqs (conceptual)

1-Write Three product name of industrial product (3marks)
2-why user take action for substantial products (3marks)
3-factors of international markets (5marks)
4-difference between sense-and-mission market AND societal market (5)
5-Diff b/w demographic & geographic segmentation? (2)
6-what is logo and give three reasons for its use? (3)
7- scenario based question?give three reasons of that tool/senario?(5)
8-Target market and targeting market
9-Personal selling and direct marketing

Mgt 301 today paper

1. Difference between price and pricing. 3 Marks

2. Difference between exclusive distribution and exclusive dealing 3 Marks

3. Define packaging and write three purposes behind packaging of a product 5 Marks

4. Difference b/w convenience products and shopping products (03 marks)

5. List Three method set budget of company. 03marks

Mgt 301 paper

2 shorts

Difference between convenience product and shopping product

5 factors of communication mix

5 factors before expending the business in international market

Aur 1 Consumers rights question tha

MGT 301

Mcq conceptual.

2 short questions

1, convenience consumer and shopping consumer m different ta

2 long question

Consumer product types with example

Digital media and social network


Q1 psychosexual segmentation deference b/w behavioral segmentation

Q2 three type of distribution

Q3 four characteristics of service

4 four important concepts of product mix decisions

5 consumer products

6 deference b / w psychographic segmentation behavioral segmentation


Q. Service marketing triangle consists of company, customers and employees. Enlist the three types of service marketing according to the service marketing triangle and explain one.
Q. Enlist various types of flows managed by the channel members.
Q. What is social marketing and why an organization should adopt it?
Q. What do you understand by “environmentalism” as an organized movement for promoting sustainable marketing? Enlist at least three actions emphasized by the activists of environmentalism.


Long 5 marks:

1)Enlist the names of any 5 Mix product pricing strategies?

2) what is google AdWords? Discuss the most used 3 keywords of AdWords.

Short 3 Mark's:

1) 3 characteristics of service

2) what is Consumerism? Discuss this term.

Or MCQs mai segmentation, Targeting, Brand extension, line extension, Advertising Deceptive pricing, planned obsolescence, Shoddy products, search marketing ,etc sy related thy



Vertical marketing

Pay per clicking

Geographic segments

For the same- low price

Price floor

In brand development a comapnhas four choices (3 names thek thy 1 galt btana tha)

Core customer value

Setting budget (sequence main kon sy number pr ata hai)


What is brand name? Which points you keep in ur mind while selecting brand name? 3 names just (5)

What is the concept of consumerism? Explain? (3)

Enlist three 3 strategies of product mixing segments? (3)

Today paper Mgt301

mcqs the themes Mai se ache se read Kar ly definition thi mcqs Mai..

Q:1. Enlist three type of communication tools

Q:2. Enlist three type of Services.

5 marks question

Q:1. explain environmental or pillar population pervent describ Karna tha

Q:2. senario tha segmentation identification or explanation.

Mgt301 today's paper.

Short Q.

1.Psychological pricing with examples.?

2.sustainable marketing scenario.?

Long Q.

1.Google AdWords.3 types?

2.market price and how it determines?

mgt301 paper

mcqs all are conceptual

4 short questions

Difference between convenience and shopping products

5 factors affecting pricing


1. Enlist 3 objective of communication marketing

2. Types of vertical marketing & explain

3. Factors effect product pricing

4. Psychographic & behavior segmentation

5. Enlist flow of channel members

6. Consumer shifting to digital world give 2 reason

7. Suzuki has different brand car and motorbike. Which target strategy they will use explain


MCQs - mix from all themes

3 marks - industrial pricing

3 marks - consumer has right to use natural resources and preserve for future generation, elaborate this point with and example in your own words.

5 marks - Marketing price and how to determine with example

5 marks - how intermediaries add values, any 5 with example


A bit conceptual

5 marks - Seo

5 marks - packaging and purpose

3 marks - exclusive dealing and distribution

3 marks - service characteristics

Mgt301 today paper

Differentiate b/w geographic segmentation and demographic segmentation.

To identify the segmentation strategy in the given scenario and explain.

3.Types of consumer products and explain with example.

4.objectives of marketing communication.

5.Explain different ways of allocating budget for advertisement.

6.What is product stewardship in environmentalism. How it can contribute for the betterment of environment.

Mgt301 today paper

What is direct marketing

What is brand

Factor that need to entire in the market

Pricing method

Costumer buy the product when see the advertise on social media if ued the why’s

What is skimming and penetrating pricing marketing

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