CS202 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Apr 12, 2022

Mcqs sary concepts ko touch kia huwa tha hr me sy koi na koi mcq

Descriptive Questions:

Types of gradients in css3

JQuery methods to manipulate css

Problems of using attributes in XML

Difference b/w SVG and carnavs

5 methods of jQuery to traverse siblings in DOM tree

Write code to generate RWD Which have two columns

Paper 2 CS202

Mcqs mostly from selector method of jQuery XML namespace and DOM tree

Short question

Three Useful method of jQuery for traversing up DOM tree

Id select se related

RWD(responsive web design) or grid view

What is meant by

<!DOCTYPE html>. Three same character use in html4 and html 5

Ek fadeIn method ka table the us me speed or easing Limit btani thi

today my paper CS 202

objective question almost JQuery its selector and dom tree traversal and html 5 and subjective short:
1) html 5 and html 4 necessary for proper web page.
2) JQuery three method for css manipulation.
3) write three different atribute of JSON from XML.
4) write backround image

long me
1) table was given and write fadeIN two paramater was given speed, ease and you write its default and posible value
2) the one was about wraper class

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