5 Methods to Download Free Stock Images

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Ibrahim bülbül

New member
Jan 7, 2024
5 Methods to Download Free Stock Images

PexelsPixabayCanvaFreepikUnsplashBonus: Dall-e 2If you're creating content on the internet, you always need images. However, we also don't want to get into trouble with copyright issues, right?

The problem is not only about copyright; benefiting from stock images provides us with advantages in many ways. Using more original-looking visual content is one of them. Also, let's not forget that we don't only use these materials as cover images in the articles we publish on our websites. We can create videos with them or enhance our social media accounts. If we have emphasized its importance enough, let's share 5 sources with you.

PexelsEspecially in my video edits, Pexels is the most common source I use, to be honest. Because there is no attribution requirement, and the archive is really strong. In addition, searching on the site is very easy, it recognizes Turkish, and the download options are quite satisfying. You can access the site here.

PixabayI can say that Pixabay almost does the same job as Pexels. Although my hand mostly goes to the other site first, I always visit Pixabay when I can't find what I'm looking for. Since their archives differ, I can encounter contents that are not found there and complement my deficiencies.

There are also extra advantages. It can categorically offer sources such as music, sound effects, and illustrations. However, it's worth noting that, rarely, you may need to make an attribution when using the content. Keep that in mind. Click here to access the site.

CanvaEveryone knows Canva by now, but let's summarize it briefly. We can describe it as an online and simple photo, video, presentation, and PDF editing tool. Although the most efficient way to use it is through the paid versions, it is possible to access many resources for users who have not paid.

One of the biggest advantages of the site is that we can use our resources in projects that we will open in the sizes we want and change them as we wish. Another great aspect is being able to get professional content with design touches. If you are not a member yet, you can check it out here.

FreepikWe couldn't skip mentioning another one of the most famous free visual sources. Freepik may be the free material site with the widest archive. However, we need to mention that it suffers from a few disadvantages that come with being the biggest in the industry.

One of these disadvantages can be that many good materials are exclusive to the paid version. Another is that many free images require attribution. Still, if this platform interests you, you can access it here.

UnsplashUnsplash, which is a mix of the business models of Pexels and Freepik, appears as another platform with a not bad archive. However, in this platform that operates only based on visuals, it might be challenging to meet your other material needs. Of course, you may encounter issues like premium membership. Still, if you want to take a look, you can use this link.

Bonus: Dall-e 2If you know what image you need, Dall-e will prepare fantastic images for you. And you know what's a great and incredibly easy way to use it? Bing. Yes, the visual search tool of this search engine we've kept on the backburner for years works in full integration with Dall-e. Just explain what you need, and artificial intelligence will take care of the rest.

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