WP Content Crawler - Get content from almost any site, automatically!

WP Content Crawler - Get content from almost any site, automatically! v1.12.0

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WP Content Crawler - Get content from almost any site, automatically! - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Principal FEATURES

Save each post detail
Title, extract, content, labels, classifications, slug, date, custom meta, scientific categorizations, meta catchphrases, meta depiction, highlighted picture, post pictures, status… Just everything. Visual Inspector
Simply snap to a component to track down its CSS selector. You can likewise get elective CSS selectors that you may be keen on. There is a compelling reason need to leave your administrator board any longer.

Creep (scratch, get, save) posts
After the settings are designed, the plugin tracks down the URLs of the posts and slithers them naturally behind the scenes.
Recrawl (update) posts
Recrawl presents naturally on keep them refreshed constantly. You can restrict how often a post can be refreshed, set update stretch, and overlook old posts.

Erase posts
Do you need to erase old slithered posts? The plugin can erase them consequently.

Control planning
You can set how often URL assortment and post creeping occasions ought to run each time for a site. For example, you can save 3 posts consistently, or run URL assortment multiple times at regular intervals.

Save classifications
There is no such thing as the objective classification on your site? Don't sweat it. The plugin can make the objective classes for you. Simply characterize the CSS selectors that find class names. They might be made as subcategories. Save slugs (permalink)
You can characterize the permalink of the posts. You can get the permalink from the objective site, enter custom text, and even make layouts for the slugs by utilizing shortcodes.

Save scientific classifications
Save scientific classification values by recovering them from the objective site or entering them physically. Saving subtleties of custom post types is simpler than at any other time.

Save posts into custom classifications
Does a custom post type have custom classifications? Don't worry about it. You can characterize custom classification scientific categorizations utilized by the custom post type and select those classifications while characterizing the classifications of the post. The plugin can likewise make custom classifications for you.

Custom post meta
Save anything as a custom post meta. You can utilize a CSS selector or simply type the worth.

Content formats
Plan post content, title, passage, list thing, and display thing layouts utilizing shortcodes. In addition, you can characterize layouts for the upsides of each CSS selector utilizing the choices box.

Elective selectors
You can compose elective selectors to get the information regardless of whether the objective site has post pages planned uniquely in contrast to one another.

Find and supplant anything
You can utilize plain text or standard articulations to find and supplant anything. You might adjust the HTML of the page, make your HTML components and compose selectors to utilize them. You could change picture URLs. You have the power.

Paginated posts
Does the target post have more than one page? No problem. You can save paginated posts also.
List type posts
A few locales make posts with a rundown inside. You can remove the rundown from the post, make a format that ought to be applied to each rundown thing and, surprisingly, invert the rundown.

Eliminate superfluous components
In some cases you want to dispose of certain components, for example, notices remarks, and so on. Simply compose its CSS selector and it is taken out.
Consequently, embed class URLs
Does the target site have many classifications? Piece of cake. Simply compose the CSS selector and the plugin will embed them for you.

Post types
Set post type. It tends to be a post, a page, an item, or some other post type accessible in your WordPress establishment.
Eliminate joins
You can eliminate joins from the post. Simply check the checkbox and the connections are no more. That simple.

Secret word security
You can set a secret word for the presents on showing them just to the clients who have the password. Notes
You can add notes for yourself to remind you things about the site. CSS selectors, TODO list, anything.

Test everything on the fly
Test post creeping, URL assortment, CSS selectors, normal articulations, find and supplant choices, and intermediaries on the fly. You can likewise empower reserving to play out the tests a lot quicker and diminish the solicitations shipped off the objective site. Test every one of the settings of a site immediately
Utilizing the analyzer, you can test all choices you arranged in the site settings to ensure everything fills in as you need before empowering programmed creeping.

Utilizing the instruments, you can save posts physically with their URL, recrawl posts with their ID or erase them as of now saved URLs. Custom general settings for each site
You can give custom general settings to each post to supersede them and make them reasonable for a site.

Post status
You can straightforwardly distribute the saved posts or keep them as drafts to check them before publishing. Save all pictures in post content
Saving all pictures in the substance of the post is essentially as simple as checking a solitary checkbox.
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