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Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages v12.20

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Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

RESPONSIVE, Confined, Wonderful, Completely Highlighted, Quick. THE MOST Developed STOCK VIDEO Exhibition On the planet! Presently AS A WORDPRESS Module!​

Video Gallery Features​

  • five skins + skin generator – we provided more than five skins to match any branding on your site, and more – you can generate your skins with your colors in the Design Center
  • iPhone/iPad compatible – this plugin generates html5 videos if the visitor is on an icy
  • full of choices – set up single videos, gallery of handpicked videos, gallery of mixed video types – youtube / Dailymotion / self-hosted / audio files/images / Vimeo / etc., gallery of a youtube user channel, gallery of a Vimeo user channel, gallery of a Vimeo album, gallery of a youtube playlist, etc.
  • hybrid – it can be a video player/example in the preview
  • stream sources – stream from a self-hosted videos, self hosted audios, self-hosted images, youtube playlists, youtube keywords, youtube user channels, Vimeo user channels, Vimeo channels, Vimeo album
  • multiple galleries in one – add a gallery that streams from multiple galleries, this is how you can set up a combined gallery with a Vimeo channel + youtube playlist + some of your custom videos for example
  • extensive admin panel – admin panel with lots of options to make the gallery as customizable as possible, yet easy to use. Comes with a drag & drop html5 uploader too! And awesome functionality like drag & drop for items, duplicate galleries, etc. to make your life easier while editing the gallery. You can set up an unlimited number of galleries in the admin as well as put them in the content.
  • subtitle support- you can have captioning – the gallery reads .srt type subtitles and adds captioning to your videos – wow.
  • play from- you can set an initial time when the video should start. also, the position can be set to “last” which means the video will play where it was last left ( by window close or anything like that ) – via the latest html5 Local Storage API
  • backup database/import, export feature - keep your database safe and do regular backups via the Export Database feature included with this plugin.
  • easy to install - install and get this plugin ready in less than three minutes. Add it to your content via a simple shortcode – [videogallery id=”theidyousetintheadmin”].
  • auxiliary shortcodes – want to get a single video in your post without having to go through the admin? The [video], [youtube], and [vimeo] shortcodes are built just for that. You just have to set the id for the youtube or Vimeo shortcode or the location for the video shortcode.
  • shortcode generator – this gallery is based on shortcodes but you do not need to remember any because there is a Shortcode Generator above every editor in the post/page.
  • connected with Vimeo API – strongly bound with the Vimeo API, retrieve Vimeo Albums or User channels, additionally, you can connect with the Vimeo API via your account or retrieve more videos than the normal API limit. Stream private videos with a Vimeo PRO account –
  • connected with YouTube API – strongly binded with the YouTube API, retrieve Playlists or User channels, additionally, you can connect with the YouTube API via your account or retrieve more videos than the normal API limit
  • deep linking – current browser URL can change to reflect the current video in the gallery, and you can link directly to that video
  • social media share thumbnail on deep linking – sharing the link to the desired video shows the video\’s thumbnail on Facebook via open graph tags
  • rtl admin support – the admin has been adapted to work with Arabic / Hebrew languages too
  • linking support – link to any video in the gallery ( for example you can share the link to go to the third video in the playlist directly
  • meta support – attributes like og: image, og: title are automatically added to the videos so the thumbnail and title appear correctly on Facebook / etc when sharing a video
  • DASH MPEG support – live stream with no problem and on all major browsers and devices
  • Linking for Gallery Videos – share a link to a specific video
  • ultra-responsive – option to proportionally resize all videos in the gallery
  • can replace default WordPress video playlists
  • can replace default WordPress video embeds and self-hosted videos
  • import folder – saves time by importing complete folders on your server
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