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Qixer - Multi-Vendor On demand Service Marketplace and Service Finder v1.3.0 Untouched

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Date : 24 June 2022

Version: 1.3

[added] new api added for mobile app
[added] service details page image gallery make background image so that all of them stay same height.
[added] restructure category page
[added] restructure sub category page
[added] filter in category/subcategory page
[added] Live Chat Addon Support Added

[fixed] many translatable string issue fixed
[fixed] service list page subcategory issue fixed, it automatically load all the subcategory, not it will only load selected category subcategory for it.
[fixed] rename mercado pago secret key to access token when you are in live mode
[fixed] fixed service book page static $.00 text
Version: 1.2.2

[added] new mobile api implemented
[added] minor importment in the code base

[fixed] Email styling issue in gmail fixed
[fixed] verification mail not sending after register from mobile devices
[fixed] notification error issue fixed
[fixed] GMT -2 timezone getting wrong date while placeing a booking issue fixed.
Date : 03 June 2022

Version: 1.2.1

[added] order report system added, now any buyer can report to any order to admin directly from his dashboard.
[added] now admin can mark any order as complete
[added] admin can cancel any order from admin panel
[added] mobile api updated

[fixed] seller now can not change the order status multiple time
[fixed] faq description is not showing in frontend issue solved
[fixed] notification page error issue fixed
[fixed] seller coupon issue solved
Version: 1.2.0

[added] now user can change support ticket status from the support ticket list page
[added] added option to enable/disable decimal point
[added] showing rating instead of showing rating points
[added] add option to create ticket by click on create new support ticket by buyer
[added] added minimum character of input for seller description
[added] make all service showcase image to bg image so that it look same in all services
[added] manual payment gateway support added for seller payout
[added] added update mobile app api
[added] google calendar integration added, when a buyer complete his order he can mark it in his google calendar now
[added] all mobile api is added

[fixed] seller will not see verification page again if he already verified his/her id
[fixed] bulk delete not working issue solved in orders page
[fixed] buyer page support ticket issue solved
[fixed] seller now can not delete any order is payment completed

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