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LearnDash - Best WordPress LMS Plugin v4.11.0

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  • Fix - Passed quizzes not showing continue button.
  • Fix - Course access validation error message.
= [v4.5.1.1] =
* Fix - Telemetry modal loading on incorrect admin pages.

= [v4.5.1] =
* Added - Confirm dialog when setting up template in Design Wizard.
* Fix - Posts and authors were not connected on import when users were being imported.
* Fix - learndash_user_get_course_completed_date function did not calculate the correct date in some cases.
* Fix - Process shortcode placeholders in purchase invoice email message.
* Fix - Hide continue button on failed quiz shortcode unless filtered
* Fix - Keep the old slugs for imported posts where possible.
* Fix - Display Telemetry modal on LD admin pages.
* Fix - Add ; to Content-Type email header.
* Fix - Issues with pagination, minimum global pagination value is 1 now.
* Tweak - Add validation error to the course access period field, when the value is less than 1.
* Tweak - Add better validation messages on import.

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