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Dynamic Content for Elementor - Create Your Most Powerful Website v2.10.4

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v2.8.11 - 18/02/23
* Fix: all our carousels didn't work correctly in some cases after the latest update
* Minor Fixes
v2.8.9 - 31/01/23
* Notice: from this version is required Elementor > v3.3.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro > v3.3.0
* Notice: "My Posts" widget is now called "Posts by the Current User" and "Dynamic Tag - My Posts" is now called "Dynamic Tag - Posts by the Current User"
* Tweak: added "Get Query Args for Debug" to the context menu to help our support more quickly resolve any problems with Dynamic Posts, Dynamic Products, Dynamic Products On Sale, Products in the Cart, Product Upsells, Product Cross-Sells, Favorites, Woo Wishlist, Sticky Posts, Search Results, Posts by the Current User widgets
* Tweak: on Dynamic Posts, added "Remove Sticky Posts" for Queries "From Specific Posts" and "ID List"
* Fix: a closing
was missing in the Skin Carousel which caused several problems
* Fix: In the Skin Carousel, fixed a problem for the setting "Slides Per Group" when the values for different breakpoints were not all set to the same value
* Fix: the Wizard for ACF Fields didn't work properly on Dynamic Tag - Token
* Fix: PDF Button: Browser converter did not include DOM elements generated by scripts after page loading
* Minor Fixes
v2.8.8 - 24/01/2023
* Tweak: closing of Modals can now be triggered from custom user scripts
* Fix: Dynamic Posts, the query "Specific Posts" did not sort the posts correctly in DESC order. Now the ASC/DESC sorting has been removed and it is possible to reverse the order of posts via a new setting
* Minor Fixes
v2.8.7 - 19/01/2023
* Fix: Animated Off Canvas Menu, fixed an issue that caused the menu to open when the side background was not present
v2.8.6 - 18/01/2023
* Notice: from February 28, 2023 Dynamic.ooo will require Elementor > v3.4.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro > v3.4.0
* Tweak: Animated Off Canvas Menu, now you can close the menu by clicking outside when not using the side background
* Fix: Skin Carousel, fixed an issue with navigation arrows
* Fix: ACF Slider, the caption was not displayed in the lightbox if there were quotation marks in it
* Fix: the first element on Skin Grid with Filters wasn't showing its posts at startup
* Fix: Dynamic Posts in the Grid with Filters skin was displaying an excessively long list of filters after the last update
* Fix: iFrame widget, fixed an issue that caused the page to break
* Fix: Dynamic Posts, when a user switched from a skin with templates to one that did not support templates, the posts and the "Items" section were no longer visible
v2.8.4 - 11/01/2023
* Tweak: Ensure compatibility with Elementor 3.10.0
* Tweak: Favorites, added Query Filter
* Tweak: Dynamic Posts, added "order by name" to order by options
* Tweak: Views, added filter dynamicooo/views/row-html to customize the row output in some of the skins
* Fix: Dynamic Posts -The offset didn't work on Sticky Post Query
* Fix: Use Animation in rollover for the arrows on Dynamic Posts - Skin Carousel didn't work
* Fix: Counter Field, hidden setting did not also hide the label if present
* Fix: Conflict with Elementor's Select Field causing a double dropdown arrow to be present in some case
* Minor Fixes
v2.8.3 - 22/12/2022
* Fix: ACF Repeater - Accordion Skin not working in isolation
* Minor Fixes
v2.8.0 - 26/10/2022
Details on https://dnmc.ooo/2-8-0
* New: Dynamic Visibility for Elementor's Popups
* Tweak: ACF Fields: New ACF type Display, it uses the format already provided by the ACF settings
* Tweak: Dynamic Posts widgets, skin accordion: Compatibility with Elementor's inline icons experiment
* Tweak: Add a dce-favorites Shortcode, presently it can be used to get the number of favorite posts by the current user
* Tweak: Visibility: You can now use data-visibility-ok html attribute to force hiding custom style elements
* Fix: Dynamic Posts had problems working on Author Pages
* Fix: Form Method bypassed browser validation
* Fix: PHP errors on Dynamic Email for Elementor Pro Form with more than two mail sent (in some setups)
* Fix: Views: Repeated background images inside Elementor's Templates
* Fix: Performance problems with ACF Fields in the frontend
* Fix: Dynamic Posts widgets, Carousel Skin: The carousel would get wider and wider in some cases
* Fix: Dynamic Posts widgets, Carousel Skin: Values below the smallest responsive breakpoint were wrong
* Fix: Conditional Validation can now be used like Conditional Fields with each condition on its own line
* Fix: PHP Errors in some edge cases
* Minor Fixes

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