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Dynamic Content for Elementor - Create Your Most Powerful Website v2.8.0

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v2.8.0 - 26/10/2022
Details on https://dnmc.ooo/2-8-0
* New: Dynamic Visibility for Elementor's Popups
* Tweak: ACF Fields: New ACF type Display, it uses the format already provided by the ACF settings
* Tweak: Dynamic Posts widgets, skin accordion: Compatibility with Elementor's inline icons experiment
* Tweak: Add a dce-favorites Shortcode, presently it can be used to get the number of favorite posts by the current user
* Tweak: Visibility: You can now use data-visibility-ok html attribute to force hiding custom style elements
* Fix: Dynamic Posts had problems working on Author Pages
* Fix: Form Method bypassed browser validation
* Fix: PHP errors on Dynamic Email for Elementor Pro Form with more than two mail sent (in some setups)
* Fix: Views: Repeated background images inside Elementor's Templates
* Fix: Performance problems with ACF Fields in the frontend
* Fix: Dynamic Posts widgets, Carousel Skin: The carousel would get wider and wider in some cases
* Fix: Dynamic Posts widgets, Carousel Skin: Values below the smallest responsive breakpoint were wrong
* Fix: Conditional Validation can now be used like Conditional Fields with each condition on its own line
* Fix: PHP Errors in some edge cases
* Minor Fixes
Changelog not found
v2.7.9 - 09/09/2022
* Fix: Visibility, make Taxonomy and Terms a unique trigger, to avoid any problem with connectives
* Minor Fixes
v2.7.8 - 07/09/2022
* Fix: Dynamic Posts Carousel conflict with some third party plugins caused by last update
* Fix: Dynamic Posts with Infinite Scroll produced bad layouts when images inside templates have no size attribute set
* Fix: Visibility AND connector not working with taxonomy triggers
* Fix: Products On Sale widget had various frontend issues
* Fix: Dynamic Posts Carousel not working if set as a global widget
* Fix: Various PHP and JS errors and warnings triggered in some situations
* Minor Fixes
v2.7.7 - 25/08/2022
* Conflict between Google Maps and complex Info Window templates
* Fix: Dynamic Posts Carousel not working in some situations
* Minor Fixes
v2.7.6 - 23/08/2022
Tweak: on ACF Fields widget added Fallback to show something when the field is empty
Tweak: Dynamic Posts, skin Carousel: Selected slide in thumbs carousel is now centered
Fix: closing times of Animated Off-Canvas Menu widget were not equal to opening times in some cases
Fix: on Dynamic Posts the Background Color for the Content Item didn't work
v2.7.5 - 18/08/2022
* Notice: Elementor Free v3.7.0 and v3.7.1 have some compatibility issues with third party plugins. We are waiting for a new release from Elementor. Please check if it has been released in the meantime, otherwise rollback to the previous version of Elementor
* Tweak: added Return Format for Dynamic Tag - Posts, Dynamic Tag - Products, Dynamic Tag - My Posts, Dynamic Tag - Sticky Posts
* Tweak: PDF Button, JS converter now hides the admin bar in the PDF if the user is logged in
* Fix: on Sticky Posts widget, "Results per Page" setting didn't work
* Fix: Dynamic Posts: Elements in a template after a nested Dynamic Posts were rendered in the context of the queried page object instead of the current loop object
* Fix: Visibility Event when Visibility is set in Hide mode now hides the element instead of showing it
* Fix: Condition Fields for Elementor Pro Form, a step with only textareas was always jumped over
* Minor Fixes
2.7.4 - 04/08/2022
* Fix: Nested Dynamic Posts with the same skin not working
* Fix: Fatal error related to Dynamic Posts pagination
v2.7.3 - 02/08/2022
* Tweak: Counter for Elementor Pro Form: Counters in Elementor Templates can now have different values depending on the object they are in
* Fix: Pagination didn't work on Table Skin
* Fix: Hidden Label for Elementor Pro Form error when Dynamic Select provided no options
* Fix: Signature for Elementor Pro Form error when Save was switched on, Require off, and the user did not fill the field
* Minor Fixes
v2.7.2 - 25/07/2022
Tweak: now the item "Add to Cart" button on Dynamic Posts and Dynamic Products work even for LearnDash courses
Fix: solved an issue with the pagination of Dynamic Posts after last update
Fix: Dynamic Google Maps Snazzy styles not working
Fix: Avoid fatal errors on malformed expr Tokens
Fix: Hidden Label field for Elementor Pro Form did not always get the right label from Dynamic Select
* Minor Fixes

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