APMODY Premium Blogger Template

APMODY Premium Blogger Template v1.4

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APMODY blogger theme helps you to post "APK" efficiently and quickly You may have to search for another theme because Apmody now has an outstanding theme with a charming interface.

APMODY is a theme blogger inspired by APKMODY WordPress theme template.

APMODY is a local blogger designed for mobile functionality. First, the interface is made modern and rich from highlights to design organizations; In addition, the layout is easy to use, and the element-by-element layout is streamlined and does not affect the comfort of the blog.

Free Download APMODY V1.4 Premium Blogger Template for Android Play Store APK / Theme Website. This template is like the google play store, you use this theme for website bloggers to download your app. Greet! Welcome to Blogger Template Pro, at this moment we are joining APMODY Premium Blogger Template V1.4 Free Download. Flatow Pro Blogger Template is a blockbuster blogger template, most professional bloggers use this Flatrow Pro Template because of its many features and app responsiveness. Today, I will give a redesigned explanation of the Fletro Pro Template as APMODY Blogger Template.

Some advanced features
Bookmark Posts: This feature gives users access to featured posts, it will be deleted if the user clears cache or cookies.
Lazy Load Google AdSense: Helps blogs with ads from Google Adsense load faster
Music Player: Music playback feature, I also have a tutorial article Create a music player using JavaScript that you can refer to.
Cookie Consent: Informs users that the Blog uses Cookies to store information.
Country Block: Block users from a specific country.
No Internet Connection: Notify when the user loses connection to the Internet.
Force Javascript: This helps you to serve ads and content coherently.
Multi-language support via Google Translate.
Countdown Download Box: Download button with a countdown.
Real-time downloads: Downloads.
Realtime Views: A real-time view counter on a post.
Thanks, Claps: Similar to Facebook's feature but with different parts.
HLJS engine (syntax highlighter)
Plugin Script (Short Link + Safelink
Safelink: Help increase your Blog visits thanks to the feature
Safelink maintenance mode: Maintenance feature, when enabled, users will receive maintenance notifications. Admin will not see this message to facilitate interface upgrades.
Quick edit: When the Admin accesses the Blog page, the edit buttons will quickly appear for your convenience in editing.
And many more features.
Sample installation instructions:
You log in to the Blogger site administrator. Then go to the Theme menu. At the CUSTOM (Custom) menu, press the button to select the Edit HTML item.
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