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[All in One] iLoveConverts PRO - Online Converter Tools Full Production Ready App with Admin Panel

[All in One] iLoveConverts PRO - Online Converter Tools Full Production Ready App with Admin Panel 7 January 2023

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iLoveConverts PRO - Online Converter Tools Full Production Ready App with Admin Panel 31228658 Nulled Free
[All in One] iLoveConverts PRO- Online Converter Tools Full Production Ready App (Angular15 & Typescript) with Admin Panel

Website Features
  • Image Tools- Convert JPG, PNG, BMP & TIFF images
  • Image Compress – Compress JPG, PNG, BMP & TIFF images
  • Using JIMP (For Image Compress and Conversion) – more details https://www.npmjs.com/package/jimp
  • OCR Text Scanner (Image to Text Simple) Supports 100+ Languages, more details https://github.com/naptha/tesseract.js#tesseractjs
  • Conversion Tools, Convert XML to JSON, JSON to XML, JSON to CSV, CSV to JSON, JSON to TEXT, JSON to TSV, TSV to JSON
  • Number Conversion Tools, Contains - Binary To Decimal Converter, Binary To Hex Converter, Binary to Octal Converter, Decimal to Hex Converter, Decimal to Binary Converter, Decimal to Octal Converter, Hex to Binary Converter, Hex to Decimal Converter, Hex to Octal Converter, Octal to Decimal Converter, Octal to Binary Converter, Octal to Hex Converter, Text to Binary Converter, Binary to Text Converter, Character to ASCII Converter, ASCII to Character Converter, Text to Octal Converter, Octal to Text Converter, Text to Hex Converter, Hex to Text Converter, Text to Decimal Converter, Decimal to Text Converter
  • Text Conversion Tools, Contains - Convert Text to Lowercase, Convert Text to Uppercase, Convert Text to Titlecase, Convert Text to Invertcase, Capitalize Words in Text, Reverse Text, Convert Spaces To Tabs, Convert Tabs To Spaces, Convert Spaces To Newlines, Convert Newlines To Spaces, Remove Letter Accents, Remove Whitespace, Remove All Whitespace, Extract Emails From Text, Extract URLs From Text, Extract Numbers From Text, Convert Text To Morse, Convert Morse To Text, Count Character Frequency in Text, Count Word Frequency in Text, Split Text, Delete Duplicate Lines from Text, Replace Text, Remove Empty Lines
  • Encryption Conversion Tools, Contains – Convert Base64 Encode, Convert Base64 Decode, Convert URL Encode, Convert URL Decode, Convert MD2 Hash Generator, Convert MD4 Hash Generator, Convert MD5 Hash Generator, Convert SHA1 Hash Generator, Convert SHA256 Hash Generator, Convert SHA512 Hash Generator, Convert UTF8 Encode, UTF8 Decode
  • Unit Converter Tools, Contains – Unit Converter, Length Converter, Area Converter, Mass Converter, Volume Converter, Each Converter, Temperature Converter, Time Converter, Digital Converter, PartsPer Converter, Speed Converter, Pace Converter, Pressure Converter, Current Converter, Voltage Converter, Power Converter, ReactivePower Converter, ApparentPower Converter, Energy Converter, ReactiveEnergy Converter, VolumeFlowRate Converter, Illuminance Converter, Frequency Converter, Angle Converter
  • For Unit Conversion, https://www.npmjs.com/package/convert-units
  • For Spinner, https://www.npmjs.com/package/ngx-spinner
  • Automatically download converted images
  • Copy to Clipboard Option
  • Download result output as a text files
  • Demo Website – https://iloveconverts-pro.codevampires.com/
  • Available Angular Meta Service which makes it easier to set different meta tags to different pages.
  • Integrated Firebase Database for Change your website logos, titles etc
  • Integrated Google Adsense
    We used the ng2-adsense plugin for integration google adsense, see the documentation from here- https://github.com/scttcper/ng2-adsense
  • Website logos will be stored in firebase storage
  • You get the admin panel for changing your website brand logos, titles etcs. Admin Panel
  • Beautiful Designed
  • Technologies: Angular 15, TypeScript
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Single Page Application
  • Well Documentation and Code Comment
  • Very Clean Code & Easily Customizable
Admin Panel Features
  • Integrated Firebase database
  • Login with email
  • Change your website logos, Titles and social links from admin dashboard
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