How to fix Google Search Console Error: Redirect Error

Hello guys, we are back with another interesting article about How to fix Google Search Console Error: Redirect Error. Previously we shared How to Check Articles being Indexed by Google or Not.

We often see people getting different types of errors on Google Search Console while managing a site include "Redirect Error". It's really hard for them to remove / resolve it as they don't know the reason of why they are getting it. So without knowing the reason, they can't come up with the solution. BUT you don't have to worry about it because we found it's solution. In this article you will find out how to fix Google Search Console Error: Redirect Error.

Reason of getting "Redirect Error" in Search Console

Generally it means that the page could not be accessed by the Google bot because it redirects to a page that doesn’t exists. The study says it’s best to set up a 301 redirect to new page when you move / remove a page on your site to tell the web browser that the page has moved.

Main causes Redirect error:
  • There is a redirect chain that is too long (more then 3)
  • There is a redirect loop which is making "A" points to "B" and "B" points to "A".
  • There is a bad or empty URL in the redirect chain

How to fix it?

Just take a brief review of all of your redirects and ensure there is only a single redirect whenever possible. Make sure all of reasons are cleared discussed above. You can use Chrome Extension “Ayima” whcih is a great tool to it.

There is another trick that can be used to solve it if the above one is not working. Just follow these steps:
  • Click on the INSPECT URL
  • Get more details about the errors
  • Click the TEST LIVE URL
  • Fix the error and REQUEST INDEXING
  • Go back and click VALIDATE FIX

You will get this message after error is fixed.

This is it from Just give it a try and tell us about your experience/issues with it by commenting below.

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