Top Vacation Rental Business to know in 2022

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Sep 1, 2022


We all know what Airbnb is and what it does. They are the pioneer of online vacation rental platforms.

Airbnb streamlined and amplified the growth of the vacation rental industry.

Airbnb is said to have over 150 million users on its platform, which you can fully utilize to grow your side business.

Airbnb charges a commission fee from both host (3%) and guest (under 14.2%) for every booking made on the platform.


Vrbo [Vacation rentals by owner] is a part of the Expedia group, which offers stand-alone vacation homes.

You can list your property for free on Vrbo, and it's super easy to create your listing.

Vrbo's search filters are the ones that set them apart from other vacation rental apps out there in the market now.

Vrbo has two subscription options for hosts,

  1. They charge 8 percent for each booking made.
  2. Or an annual subscription fee of $499 upfront.​ was founded in 1996 in Amsterdam. Since then, it has grown as one of the popular vacation rental apps.

It has over 28 million listings and covers 141,975 destinations in 230 countries. Also, it is accessible in almost 40 languages. is super affordable, which makes it one of the best vacation rental apps of all time.


Flipkey is a subsidiary of TripAdvisor, which operates as an independent vacation rental marketplace. It offers a variety of rental options such as vacation homes, villas, beach houses, and condo rentals.

It has more than 300,000 listings. You can list your property for free in Flipkey, and you pay 3% of your guest's payment to them.


Expedia is an online travel app owned by Expedia Group, an American online travel shopping company.

You can list your properties like private homes, lodges, BnBs, etc.

Expedia charges the hosts in two models,

  • Hotel Collect
  • Expedia Collect
Hotel collection is when the guest pays the rent directly to the host. In this case, the commission of 15% will be charged by Expedia.

Expedia Collect is when the guest pays the rent to Expedia, and then Expedia transfers the payment to the host charging a 20% commission.

How can you build one?​

Planning to transform your traditional rental business into a digital app? We will assist you with our super-fast team to develop your rental platform.

Let me introduce ourselves! We are a team of developers who assist startup owners in developing their apps and help them in the process of development to launch.

If you have any queries on the development process, let’s schedule your free demo with us.


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