MTH401 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Apr 12, 2022

FOR M.C.Q.S Waqar files

1.power series
2.linear D.E
3.damped motion
4. Matrix is most important for both mcqz & 2&3 no questions
5. 23 to 30 and 40,43 lectures se tayari karo papers ne ache number ajayenge Insha Allah

*Mth401 paper*
Cauchy euler equation ki do types puchi thi, eigenvalues di hui thi usse eigenvector nikalna tha, do differential equations di hui thi unko solve krna tha, again ek, do equation thi usse matrix bnana tha, ek question power series ka bhi tha baqi yaad nhi

Objectives k liye zahfran ki YouTube videos dekhi thi usse 60% mcqs lgi thi baqi un videos se itne concepts bn gye thy k bchi hui mcqs bhi bnda khud solve kr skta hai


Mcqs were from past papers
Eigen values
Matrix form
Differential equation
Axillary equation
Wroskian of matrix

Mth 401

One short to post argument about some given condition.
Two short was about to give general solution of Cauchy Euler equation while roots were given!!
General solution of D2(D square)-2y=0
First long:Eigen value of square matrix of order3*3
Second long:Find general solution of Cauchy Euler equation while just only equation was given

Mth 401

Mcqs some from past ppr
Def of Wronskian
Cauchy euler equation if m=2
Def of Frobenius theorem
Sum of power series wala qus
Homogenous equ ko decoupled form mn likhna tha

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