MGT501 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Apr 12, 2022
Mgt 501

MCQs: Mostly from Handouts

D/b leadership and manager.

Subjective: (Short):

1) Types of Pay-for-Performance

2) Role of HR department in training and development


1) Job evaluation

2) Conflict Management Styles

Short question

1. classification of job analysis

2. suspension of employee organization pr negative impact ku hota hai.

long question

1. ERISA 1975 act hai lec29 main. ye wala act define krta tha,

Mgt501 paper

Mcqs saray handouts s thay...

McGregor theory X and Y

Political within organization

Subjective: (Short):

1) if you are manager of railway station and employee of station stolen copper. Manager warned but employee cannot focus the manager so what can do a manager?


1) difference between downward sizing and upward sizing

2) what is transference and type of transference training situation.

3) Bargaining or negotiation per tha swal

4) Goals of performance management

5) executive and employee

6) statutory rights of employee

7) characteristics of leader while talking with employee 5 marks


Collective bargaining

A disadvantage of point method in job evaluation

Differentiate b/w leaders and manager

McGregor theory-X aur theory-Y

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