EDU431 Current Final Term Papers 2022

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Apr 12, 2022
Edu431 today's paper

1. Steps of rubric
2. formula of instructional time of table of specification.
3. what is test-retest. Write two advantage and two disadvantages.
4. what is prohibited for test security practice. 5 marks
5. Suggestions for scoring constructed response questions. 5 marks
6. steps for stating general objectives. 5 marks.

Mcqs mostly handouts m sy

EDU 431

1.Define formative assessment 2 marks
2. Difference between blind and informed guessing 2 marks
3. What is test security? 3 marks
4. Steps for writing essay type items 5marks
5. How you balance among levels of learning by table of specification 5 marks
6. Describe 3 points about nature of relaiabilty 3 marks

Some MCQs from handouts

EDU431: 3PM

1. Criterion reference
2. Packaging test
3. Restricted responses
4. Purpose of assessment of present curriculum
5. Characteristics of Standardised achievement test
6. Alternate form questions
7. Criterion and predictive validity

Mostly Mcqs were from quiz 2 and Quiz 3


*ID 2M
*Guess 2M
*Extended Response 3M
*Prohibited points 3M
*Assembling or packaging 5M
*Estimated reliability 5M

EDU 431

1. Analytical Rubics (2)
2. Advantage of MCQs (3)
3. Guess who technique (2)
4. Assessment pillars (3)
5. Blooms taxonomy (5)
6. Advantages of portfolios (5)
7. Item difficulty in CTT (5)


Define the rubric with example (2)

Categories of objective type item(2)

Three advantages of the essay-type item(3)

Three principles of peer appraisal(3)

Types of test (5)

What is the extended response item and example(5)

What Fairness that ensures selecting appropriate test (5)

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