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Apr 12, 2022
Have you ever thought about why so many writers failed at writing? The main reason for such a large number of unsuccessful writers is mediocre content with the very same format.

To think outside the box and one-of-a-kind is a prerequisite for great content be it a blog, article, or any research paper.

The most common error that authors make is republishing an article or research paper and claiming ownership of it. It just sounds so bad, No? Some writers rephrase the articles or text to own them, do you think this works? Some words can be substituted, but no one can replace all of them, which means it will lead to plagiarized material.

As a result, this is considered plagiarism, which is punishable by search engines such as Google.

Plagiarism in research: what exactly is it?​

Plagiarism can be defined in several ways. In the simplest terms, it's the theft of somebody's content or idea and claiming it as your own without their permission.

In the field of research, if you use somebody else's material, research findings, proposed model, figures, statistical data, or images and portray and write about them in your document, it is considered plagiarism.

If you do this, the individuality of the paper or final version is halved.

Is it a crime to plagiarize?​

Plagiarism is considered copyright infringement which can cost you legally. It is a major ethical violation in research and business.

The owner of the content or research paper might take legal action against you.

There are various types of plagiarism you should be aware of.

Plagiarism kinds:​

  • Direct Plagiarism​

    When you take exact data from another source and pass it on as your own. Using verbatim and copying an entire paragraph and publishing it without citations or quotation marks.
    This is what we call blatant plagiarism, and it demonstrates your lack of integrity.
  • Patchwork Plagiarism​

    Mosaic plagiarism is another name for this type. Using somebody’s paraphrased content without citation or quoting. Because you'll be gathering information from a variety of sources to avoid being caught, it seems a bit confusing. Even if you replace the words with synonyms and alter sentence construction, it is still plagiarism.
  • Self-Plagiarism​

    Self-plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional copying of one's work. You may unintentionally mix your own old and new content when writing on the same topic or niche.
    You think that you're writing a new article, but it's a synopsis or repurposed version of an older one. Do not think of it as an unharmful thing just because you're copying your own but it does have some level of ramifications.

What to do to avoid this all?​

To achieve the desired results, such as a higher rank in SERPs and more likes by the audience you should end up writing something exceptional and flawless. Authors' and writers' innovativeness and creativity have long since ceased, which is why they publish copied content.

No matter what you are writing either a blog, article, or research paper, plagiarism detection is essential.

It is critical to ensure that your content is free of plagiarism for whatever reason you are writing. It is rather impossible to properly check a document manually for plagiarism by making comparisons between your written texts to the source.

It is time-consuming, exhausting, and nearly impossible to accomplish.

On the other side, plagiarism checkers have taken over this time-consuming process and provide results in seconds, making your job so much easier.

What is plagiarism checking and why is it so important?​

Plagiarism detection provides you with the percentage of your content to duplicate content that it finds similar after scanning the online sources.

The percentage indicates how much of your content is duplicated and how much is unique. An efficient and reliable plagiarism detection tool will do the work for you.

There are many checkers available online to help you. These checkers will do this whole process in no time.

Plagiarism checking is a not skipping step after completing your writing work. You must have access to use plagiarism checking tools to get your work checked.

Let’s check out a few plagiarism checkers.

1. Prepostseo

One of the best tools used by bloggers, writers, teachers and students, and many more. To identify plagiarism works by scanning and comparing files to the submitted text.


  • Content Security has ensured: On Prepostseo your content is completely safe and secure. Your content is not shared with anyone by this tool as it respects your intellectual property.
  • Check for Plagiarism by Uploading a File: To check for plagiarism, upload files from your internal memory. It supports a variety of file formats, including doc, Docx, pdf, txt, and others.
  • Creating Plagiarism Reports: Reports are available in HTML and PDF formats for download. You just need to click the download report button.
  • Sources & Percentage Results: It calculates the percentage of plagiarized and original content as well as highlights the text and provides the source of the plagiarism.
  • Gives unique content: Click the make it unique button after checking for plagiarism to make your content unique.
  • Plagiarism detection in multiple languages: Plagiarism can be checked in French, Dutch, Spanish, and many other languages.
  • Plagiarism eraser: The plagiarism remover option in Prepostseo assists you in removing duplicate content.


This tool is very easy to use. Follow the steps mentioned below,

  • Enter the text in the input box either by typing, copying/pasting, or uploading.
  • Select the language.
  • At the end click the check plagiarism button.

2. Check-Plagiarism

This is another great tool to check your content for any possible plagiarism. It is having wonderful features.


  • Support for multiple files: At the same time, up to 5 files can be checked. This tool supports doc, .Docx, .txt or .pdf formats.
  • Completely safe and secure: All files and documents that you check with this free plagiarism checker are completely safe and secure. This tool doesn’t keep your files or documents in its database. The reports are immediately deleted.
  • Quick and precise: This plagiarism checker scans your text against hundreds of millions of web pages. Up to 15,000 words can be checked for free per search.


  • Enter your text by uploading a file from storage, copying/pasting, or typing.
  • Press the Check plagiarism button for the outcome.

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