30 Basic SEO Tips You Must Follow

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Apr 12, 2022
  1. Always begin with competition analysis when creating content
  2. Avoid using too many search engine optimization tools
  3. Create visuals for your content
  4. Develop attention-grabbing headlines [Expert Advice!]
  5. Do more social media marketing
  6. Don't trust SEO gurus so much
  7. Focus on using Google Search Console instead of Google Analytics
  8. Get keywords from People Also Ask, Google Autosuggest, and Related Keywords
  9. Get Yourself a VA
  10. Have you noticed a competitor plagiarizing your content? Threaten to file a DMCA complaint
  11. If you can, do local SEO
  12. It's not always the case that longer content is better content
  13. It's not just about the written content when it comes to SEO
  14. Know when to use redirects 301 and 302
  15. Make a checklist of your tactics
  16. Make sure the URL slug Is correct
  17. Narrow down and create a product focusing on that demographic
  18. Participate actively in the SEO Communities and niche forums
  19. Produce content fast
  20. Put together an Internal Linking Strategy
  21. Stay away from spammy Link-Building Strategies
  22. Stop ignoring the outreach you're receiving and do something with it
  23. Test your keywords before actively pursuing them, since SEO takes time
  24. Use content outlines
  25. Use image ALT tags
  26. Use WordPress
  27. Utilize remarketing to increase conversions from organic traffic
  28. Utilize some of these super cool WordPress plugins at our disposal that we have access to for free like RankMath
  29. Voice search is not yet useful for anything
  30. Write with your readers in mind
Thank you for sharing these tips
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