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V4.4.0 - 22nd Mar, 2024
- Added a New Landing Page
- Added Subscription Purchase Invoice
- Added Invoice Settings
- Added separated DaLL-E 2 & 3 subscriptions Package
- Added Select All option Bulk Message
- Fixed Email template Image upload issue
V3.7.0 - 25th Dec, 2023
- Added Blog Wizard Dall-E 3 model
- Added Customer Export Options
- Added Notification View All
- Added OpenAI TTS or Text to Speech
- Added Elevenlabs Text to Speech
- Added PWA Setting
- The Detailed Reports for Users
- Dall e 3 HD Image Option
- Fixed Blog Wizard Generate Issue
- Fixed Mobile Responsive Issue
V3.4.0 - 28th Nov, 2023
- Updated Stable Diffusion 1.6 API
- Fixed Template Word Generation issue
v3.2.0 - 9th Nov, 2023
- Added Dall-E 3 image generation
- Added AI Blog wizard Image generation disable option
- Added PWA for frontend and admin
- Added supported Open AI Model list for open AI key
- Added scroll bottom to top Icon dynamic option
- Customer signup automatically added to the subscription list
- Fixed multi-currency payment convert issue and history package
- Fixed Slug issues Vietnam language
- Fixed Subscription package model uses issues
v3.1.0 - 27th October, 2023
- Added Support Ticket
- Added Subscription Plan List for PayPal
- Fixed Blog Wizard download (PDF, HTML, Word)
- Fixed Template download (PDF, HTML, Word)
- Fixed Payment Gateways issues
- Fixed Subscription package model uses issues
v3.0.0 - 18th October, 2023
- Added PayPal Auto subscription payment
- Added System Notification
- Added filter Package to the customer list
- Added font size to the text editor
- Enhanced chat generation
- Improved subscription history table responsiveness
- Improved currency format
- Fixed chat download (PDF, HTML and Word)
- Fixed chat Copy issue
- Fixed permission data show/Hide in the dashboard
- Fixed app debug cache clear alert message
v2.9.0 - 4th October, 2023
- Added One Click Update
- Added Ai chat stop generation
- Added Blog wizard stop generation
- Added Stable diffusion Image for blog generator
- Added Voice Over say-as feature
- Fixed Ai chat default avatar
- Fixed Translate issue

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