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v4.2 (2 May, 2023)​

  • ADDED new theme, updated sunshine to v2 completely.
  • ADDED AI image generation system, now users can generate images directly and post them.
  • ADDED AI post and text generation system, now users can generate texts and post ideas directly and post them.
  • ADDED AI article generation system, now users can generate articles in blog system.
  • ADDED AI image editing system, users can edit their avatar and cover as they want using text promots.
  • ADDED AI system using credit system, charge your website's users for each image, text generated.
  • ADDED google authentication for two authentication system.
  • ADDED authy authentication for two authentication system.
  • ADDED Braintree payment gateway.
  • ADDED new APIs.
  • ADDED username restriction, disallow and band usernames.
  • ADDED photo quailty option in admin panel.
  • ADDED the ability to enable or disable start up page.
  • ADDED the ability to choose RTL lang from admin panel.
  • ADDED support for PHP v8.2
  • UPDATED text editors.
  • FIXED 10+ API issues.
  • FIXED sitemap system generating more than 50K element in one file.
  • FIXED Yoomoney payment not funding.
  • FIXED text editor can't add images in edit terms or edit pages in admin panel.
  • FIXED filter by active users in Admin > Manage Users not working.
  • FIXED Moderator cannot edit languages.
  • FIXED disabling blog system still showing create article link in header.
  • FIXED Google Vision API not working if posting an album.
  • FIXED video is no auto pausing if you scroll down to other posts.
  • FIXED banned user's posts still showing on hashtag page.
  • FIXED if the hashtag has capital letter it makes it an entirely different hashtag.
  • FIXED broken datepicker in settings page.
  • FIXED Invitation codes can not be generated in admin panel.
  • FIXED /movies/watch url returning 404 page.
  • FIXED when you create a fake user, and login in using the fake user info, you'll go to 404 and can't login in
  • FIXED can't upload SVG images from edit or add reactions from admin panel.
  • FIXED openweathermap API call, now it's all paid.
  • FIXED The pro membership levels are still showing the old names on the dashboard even after changing all the names.
  • FIXED ReCAPTCHA is not showing on first visit to contact us page, if you refresh the page it will be showing then.
  • FIXED Google Translation is not working.
  • FIXED The notification sound is not working with Ajax.
  • FIXED can't logout using nginx.
  • FIXED all emails are being sent like mime format.
  • FIXED Events that have been finished, shouldn’t be open to join.
  • FIXED If you want to make a user Admin of your page, Privileges can not be changed for that user. The button is not working
  • FIXED 1 security issue.
  • FIXED 20+ more minor bugs.
Fully Nulled Script
wowonder v4.1.5 -2-14-23 - Urgent Update - Untouched.
  • ADDED Cache System, now your website speed is 80% faster, average load dropped from 1.2s to 0.15ms, Admin Panel > Settings > General Configuration.
  • FIXED 4 security issues, in follow privacy, bruteforce on login & two auth, XSS in messages using nodejs.
  • FIXED 2+ more minor bugs.
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v4.1.1 08 Jul 2022​

  • ADDED story viewed time.
  • IMPROVED design / colors in default theme for few sections.
  • IMPROVED audio player design.
  • FIXED create article issue.
  • FIXED live streaming privacy not updating in admin panel.
  • FIXED pick your plans, go pro plans were not showing on welcome page.
  • FIXED CROS issues in nodejs.
  • FIXED wallet system was not accepting top ups more than 1000
  • FIXED message button was not showing on profile (mobile).
  • FIXED {site_name} showing on registration page.
  • FIXED charts were not showing on groups and pages if loading using ajax.
  • FIXED stories now are ordered by DESC instead of ASC.
  • FIXED chat colors, default color was black.
  • FIXED birthday showing NULL on profile page sometimes.
  • FIXED clicking on stories next shows pervious story.
  • FIXED charecter limit on privacy page.
  • FIXED disabling pages was disabling the create button on top header.
  • FIXED YouTube videos on Instegram mode wasn't working.

v4.1 30 Jun 2022​

  • ADDED report user system + reason.
  • ADDED ban message on user profile if user is banned.
  • ADDED Instagram Mode.
  • ADDED flutterwave payment method.
  • ADDED Ngenius payment method.
  • ADDED Aamarpay payment method.
  • ADDED the ability to add custom pro packages.
  • ADDED the ability to add custom withdrawal method.
  • ADDED the abiltiy to choose whom can use a feature, Admin, All Users, Only Pro.
  • ADDED the ability to resend two auth verfication code.
  • ADDED new design for Instegram mode.
  • ADDED developer mode to admin panel.
  • UPDATED documentation & FAQs: .
  • UPDATED email verfication page design.
  • UPDATED chat design.
  • UPDATED all website shadow elements (css).
  • UPDATED header notifications, messages dropdown size.
  • UPDATED post comments design.
  • IMPROVED design in default theme for few sections.
  • FIXED qrcode.js was missing in sunshine.
  • FIXED search in admin panel was not working well.
  • FIXED login using twitter.
  • FIXED admin commission was not appearing with product purchase.
  • FIXED OG meta tags for albums.
  • FIXED XSS vulnerability.
  • FIXED fixed product showing in stock while there is no stock left.
  • FIXED announcements wern't working.
  • FIXED agora live video / calls.
  • FIXED google login API.
  • FIXED twilio video/audio calls.
  • FIXED if post was boosted on a page it doesn't appear in booted posts section.
  • FIXED the ability to send gif & stickers on nodejs.
  • FIXED 40+ more minor bugs.
  • FIXED bugs in API.

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