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Wordpress Automatic Plugin For WordPress v3.59.0

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Version 3.59.0 (22 November 2022)
NEW: Option to filter the comments and skip comments containing a specific keyword
NEW: Youtube new tag [vid_duration_in_seconds] for duration filteration
NEW: Make permalink link directly to the source now works for custom post types
Fix: Instagram featured image now works correctly
Fix: Workaround added to sort WordPress adding line breaks inside JavaScript
Fix: Fixing relative paths algorithm improved
Fix: Tiktok can now import from users with dot in username
Fix: CareerJet now reset page index after 1000 results
Fix: Search and replace now aware of encoded chars like & char
Fix: Tags/Categories extraction now removes unnecessary slashes
Fix: Amazon now returns book description
Fix: Amazon now returns correct description/item features
Fix: Envato now reset page after reaching page 60
Version 3.58.1 (19 October 2022)
Fix: Apify back to work after recent changes that triggered an error Field input.proxyConfiguration is required
Fix: Facebook group posts full text extraction now back to work
Improved: Youtube posting from a channel can now accept channel URL instead of ID
Version 3.57.3 (6 September 2022)
Fix: The previous version created categories even if the option was not enabled, now sorted
Version 3.57.0 (11 August 2022)
NEW: Option to set featured image from pixabay.com
NEW: Option to create a gallery from found post images
NEW: Set post tags option now supports current post tags like [original_title]
NEW: Twitter new option to get recent or popular tweets
NEW: Amazon can now import from best sellers pages
Fix: Facebook now back to import comments after recent changes
Fix: Instagram popular posts only option back to work

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