WhatsApp Food - SaaS WhatsApp Ordering

WhatsApp Food - SaaS WhatsApp Ordering v3.4.0

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WhatsApp  Food - SaaS WhatsApp Ordering - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Benefits for the project owner​

  1. Start a subscription business in less than 10 min
  2. Accept subscription via Stripe, PayPal, Paddle, PayStact, and Local
  3. Robust solution with no additional monthly charges or any extra service needs.
  4. No time need to run this business. It is completely automated and scalable.
  5. Take advantage of this pandemic, and turn it in your favor.

Benefits for restaurants​

  1. Offer their customers to order via WhatsApp.
  2. All they need is their WhatsApp. Business or Regular WhatsApp works the same
  3. ECO friendly. I big restaurant menu = 1 tree. Yes, for real.
  4. Restaurants can share their menu online. Based on research conducted by OpenTable https://go.opentable.com/rs/531-AOS-877/images/OpenTableTechnologyAndDiningOut2015l.pdf, 86% of customers regularly check out menus online before they dine out.
  5. Direct and instant communication with the customer
  6. Accept payments directly via Mollie.com 20+ payment gateways

Benefits for customers​

  1. Order via WhatsApp, and start a direct chat with the restaurant
  2. Pay directly on making the order on Cash On Delivery
  3. They will be able to quickly see the correct item price. They can select different item variants and variant extras.
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