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V-Park ( Smart parking managment App ) v1.0

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V-Park ( Smart parking managment App ) - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

V-Park is a shrewd leaving application, its uncommon to leave the board application, not have to purchase tremendous equipment to keep up with vehicle leaving on the off chance that we utilize V-leave

This incorporates highlights and advantages that line up with your stopping system and objectives, as well as being re-named and marked to your variety of details and brand rules and will be accessible as an independent application on Google Play stores.

Oversee various sorts of stopping (eg: handicapped, VIP, visitor)
Track inbound and outbound traffic of vehicles
Characterize and oversee parking spots.
track apportioned and empty stopping spaces
How V-Park Works
Typically leaving administrator or worker will have this application, for instance in the shopping center there is one leaving director/representative standing on section entryway in leaving then, if vehicle come for leaving, he will simply filter the vehicle number plate then he can perceive how much installment we want to take for leaving according to vehicle type, then, at that point, the application will auto-propose which is next to empty leaving is accessible to leave this vehicle and he can print pass, then it's exceptionally simple to leave the vehicle on chose to leave an opening for a client

Kinds of clients may therefor stopping
1. representative for the association
2. Celebrity client
3. ordinary Customer
4. Membership client

1. For Employees:- Employees should have RFID-based pre-loaded cards then at whatever point they need to leave their vehicles then they need to show this card to the leaving chief to examine his card for getting a leaving pass.

2. VIP Customers:- If somebody comes for leaving and he is a VIP individual then leaving supervisor simply checks this vehicle and relegates as a VIP pass, with practically no leaving expenses his pass will be printed

3. Typical clients:- leaving administrator simply examines his vehicle number and the client should have paid cash sum for this leaving pass

4. Membership clients:- membership clients should need to get paid ahead of time RFID card from the administrator for customary stopping, he can re-energize cards by paying cash to the administrator then compelling reason need to pay cash for stopping pass simply give your card to paring director auto equilibrium will be charged from the card balance
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