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Repairer 4.3 - Repair/Workshop Management System v4.3

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Repairer 4.3 - Repair/Workshop Management System - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Repairer - Repair/Workshop Management System is painstakingly created for the simple administration of a repair shop/studio. It's an inventive, straightforward, and strong administration apparatus, planned and produced for you. It's simply your handy dandy worker. It's an electronic framework where you can oversee repayments, clients, stock, buys, and so on.


This is a full application that comes with a back-end (source code) and a front-end app (minified). So you can’t edit the front-end but the back-end only.

Quick Installation Guide​

  1. Copy Files Unzip the file you downloaded from CodeCanyon and copy the contents to your webserver.
  2. Import Database When you unzipped the file in step 1, there is a folder called database you will find. In there you will find an SQL file(repairerr.sql), which is the system database. Import it to your PhpMyAdmin or whatever system you use.
  3. Edit .env file On the folder you pasted on your installation folder, you will find a file called .env. This is a very important file that stores system variables. Open the file in a text editor and edit the following lines. The other lines can be edited via the system settings page so don’t worry about them.
    • APP_URL=
    • DB_HOST=localhost
    • DB_USERNAME=username
    • DB_PASSWORD=password
    • DB_DATABASE=database_name

Update Installation Guide​

Update 4.1 to 4.2​

  1. take backup of files and database
  2. Copy Files Unzip the file you downloaded from CodeCanyon and copy the contents to your webserver.
  3. copy app/resources/lang and public/uploads from backup
  4. run
  5. Update Successfully Installed!
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