Perfmatters - Plugin Developed To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Perfmatters - Plugin Developed To Speed Up Your WordPress Site v2.2.4

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  • Author Author kashif
  • Creation date Creation date
= 2.0.6 - 03.02.2023 =
* Added new Minimal v4 script type option in local analytics.
* Added support for ::after pseudo element when lazy loading CSS background images.
* Added support for AVIF images in a source tag to preload critical images feature.
* Added new perfmatters_preload_critical_images filter.
* Added new perfmatters_image_dimensions_exclusions filter.
* Added notice to plugin update row if there is not an active license key.
* Added async attribute to Instant Page script tag.
* Added async attribute to all relevant local analytics script tags.
* Reworked preload class to allow managing preloads entirely with perfmatters_preloads filter if needed.
* Fixed an issue in MU Mode where plugins would not always disable correctly when helper plugins with similar directories were also active.
* Fixed a couple of PHP warnings in MU plugin that would show up when certain variables were not declared.
* Fixed an issue where our lazy loading script was attempting to load in images that had been prepped by another active lazy loader.
* Fixed an issue where base64 encoded images were being picked up by missing image dimensions feature.
* Removed BETA tag from preload critical images option.
  • Added new perfmatters_exclude_leading_images filter.
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting lazy loaded inline background images in certain formats.
  • Fixed a PHP warning related to Fastclick and the built-in exclusion for WooCommerce pages.
  • Updated license key field to prevent it from getting auto-filled by browser extensions.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Perfmatters admin bar menu and meta options to not show up in the admin.
  • Added additional nopin attribute for Pinterest to YouTube preview thumbnails.
  • Translation updates.
  • Added new local Google fonts advanced option to Load Asynchronously.
  • Added user agent check before running output buffer with initial exclusion for Usercentrics scanner.
  • Added support for CSS variables when they are being used for lazy loaded inline background images.
  • Added new perfmatters_lazyload_youtube_autoplay filter.
  • Improved delay all script handling of jQuery load event.
  • Changed all WooCommerce checks to use class_exists for better compatibility.
  • Adjusted the order of preloads in the buffer to make sure they print above used CSS.
  • Moved buffer class initialization to wp action hook to improve filtering possibilities.
  • Moved WooCommerce built-in exclusions to apply to select individual features instead of the entire buffer.
  • Slight modification to previous MU Mode addition to fix an issue.
  • Fixed an issue where custom heartbeat interval was not being applied correctly when editing certain custom post types.
  • Fixed an issue with the local stylesheet CDN URL when advanced options were turned on but no URL was set.
  • Fixed an issue where delay script was printing out more than once if multiple closing body tags were present in the DOM.
= v2.0.2 - 12.15.2022 =
* Fixed an issue that was preventing Removed Unused CSS from running correctly in certain cases when Advanced Options were toggled on.
* Translation updates.
v2.0.0 – 10.18.2022
  • Added new system for query string timestamps for Used CSS file method to help see changes quicker in environments with caching.
  • Added support for ?perfmattersoff query string which gives the ability to quickly prevent the majority of Perfmatters features from running on the front end for testing purposes.
  • Added additional support for updating the plugin via WP-CLI.
  • Made some changes to admin bar menu item. There is now a Perfmatters top-level admin bar menu item that links to our plugin settings page. The Script Manager and Clear Used CSS function can be accessed by hovering over that main menu item if those features are enabled.
  • Added new toggle in tools to Hide Admin Bar Menu.
  • Disabled certain features from running on WooCommerce cart, checkout, and account pages for better compatibility.
  • Increased site limit in dropdowns on Multisite network settings page.
  • Added additional compatibility styles to the Script Manager.
  • Added additional built-in exclusions for Remove Unused CSS for better compatibility with Elementor, Astra, Kadence, and GenerateBlocks.
  • Added new perfmatters_login_url filter.
  • Added new perfmatters_lazyload_noscript filter.
  • Fixed an issue where YouTube preview thumbnails were generating a preload warning in certain instances.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing analytics.js not to be served over HTTPS in instances where an SSL migration had been done previously on the site.
  • Fixed an issue where delayed style attribute was applied to preloaded stylesheets that already existed in the DOM.
  • Fixed an issue where some features were being allowed to run on XML sitemap URLs in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where theme and plugin files were not falling back to a WordPress version query string when present in a dynamic preload.
= v1.9.9 - 09.05.2022 =
* Added additional autosave interval options.
* Added WPBakery query string parameter to excluded page builders array.
* Changed certain lazy loading classes to be more specific to prevent conflicts.
* Adjusted lazy loading image attribute filter to not run unless images specifically are meant to be lazy loaded by Perfmatters.
* Added an additional function_exists check in the JS class to prevent an error from being thrown in some cases.