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Version 12.4 – May 18th, 2023
  • new: 4 New one-click installable Pre-Build Websites (demos):
  • new: Job Hunt – View Demo ;
  • new: Momentum – View Demo ;
  • new: Liberty Case – View Demo ;
  • new: Cali Sight – View Demo ;
  • new: Modules builder;
  • new: 12 new shortcodes to build modules;
  • new: 2 new block shortcodes that use the custom modules (Flex block builder and Flex loop builder);
  • new: Modules templates in our cloud library;
  • new: Delay option for Pages in Mega Menu and popup content (this will help you to achieve better performance score by decreasing the DOM size elements);
  • new: New gallery shortcode, capable of displaying images both from our custom posts gallery setting, or from the gallery ACF field;
  • new: Customize your block loaders – upload your logo to brand more your website;
  • new: Bookmark posts;
  • new: Backup settings limit option in Theme Panel;
  • new: Categories/tags list: added the option to display terms from a custom taxonomy;
  • misc: Single Inline Image – Added border radius option;
  • misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • misc: Images shortcodes – display default image when external image doesn’t exist;
  • misc: Categories/tags list added the option to display terms from a custom taxonomy;
  • misc: Single Post Taxonomies – display terms from multiple taxonomies;
  • misc: Add upload_files capability for all logged-in users on pages with tdb form content shortcode;
  • fix: Security issue;
  • fix: Edit page capabilities for all logged-in users on pages with tdb form content shortcode;
  • fix: Yoast content anaylizer;
  • fix: Posts List: don’t display field name if it is empty;
  • fix: Self hosted video;
  • fix: Social share on CPT;
  • fix: Social Icons: remove social name html if option is off;
  • fix: Flex Loop Builder filters;
  • fix: Popup modal id on Firefox;
  • fix: Better Gutenberg support – css image width removed;
  • fix: Image ACF in array format;
  • fix: Open post content images without media link in lightbox, when general modal in enabled;
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v12.3 – February 15th, 2023
  • new: Added cache option on flex blocks (for huge traffic websites, now you can cache results per block);
  • new: Table of contents shortcode;
  • new: Added Twitch to Social Counter;
  • misc: Assign individual cpt_tax template;
  • misc: Single Post Content – Added the option to individually hide the ads for subscribed users;
  • misc: Exclude terms on blocks, if they are a part of the same taxonomy;
  • misc: Posts form link to post shortcode: improvements;
  • misc: Posts Form Submit shortcode – option to add email cf to email list;
  • misc: Image position option for Single Background Image;
  • misc: Custom label option is available also for CPT;
  • misc: Option to remove via from Twitter share url;
  • misc: Added french pomo files;
  • misc: Option to deactivate modal on smartlist images;
  • fix: Fixed an issue with the add to cart styles;
  • fix: tdb term meta slow query on wp_enqueue_media() on admin;
  • fix: Mega menu js delayed fix;
  • fix: css-analyze js code marked as exploit;
  • fix: The block settings inside the popup are not applied;
  • fix: Set individual header/footer on tag templates;
  • fix: Lists text color on Single Post Content shortcode;
  • fix: Form Input shortcode – Border settings were not working property;
  • fix: Remove login modal html when registration is not needed;
  • fix: Remove Review Emails from admin bar using TP option;
  • fix: Header search when post type is empty;
  • fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the “WPC Grouped Product for WooCommerce” plugin;
  • fix: Fix quotes/pullquotes fonts;
  • fix: Css compiler for Mobile Theme;
  • fix: Posts Form Submit – Fixed an issue with the “Send to custom field Email” option not working;
  • fix: Google Maps API: Fixed the JS API missing callback error;
  • fix: Ajax loop vulnerability;
v12.2 – January 9th, 2023
  • new: Added the Woo Archive Background Image shortcode;
  • new: Dedicated Plugins for Prebuilt Websites – Explore a new section on the tagDiv Plugins page;
  • new: Added Custom Icon option to Social Icons shortcode;
  • new: Added WooCommerce downloads page option on Menu login;
  • new: Option to enable/disable Reviews system;
  • misc: Singe Post User Reviews Form – added the possibility to customize the “Limit Reached” notification;
  • misc: Added an option to display checkboxes on the Form Input in one or more columns per row;
  • misc: Replaced attachment_url_to_postid() function with wp_getimagesize() one for logo sizes;
  • misc: Added External image option on the Single background image shortcode;
  • misc: Added missing translations for the Flex Loop Sorting Options;
  • misc: Added Title Tag for SEO on the “Column Text” and “Title with text” shortcodes;
  • misc: Added WPML support for the Post Category Template option;
  • misc: Tabbed content – Style 1 tabs are now horizontally scrollable;
  • misc: Posts Form elements – Admins now can edit other users’ posts;
  • misc: Posts list – Categories, tags, and custom taxonomies can now also be displayed as columns;
  • misc: Posts list – When deleting or publishing a post, the user is first prompted for confirmation;
  • misc: Posts list – The option to insert an Additional Description field after the posts.
  • misc: Single Post Categories – “Show parent category first” option now takes into account multiple hierarchy terms;
  • misc: Posts List – Added filters support;
  • misc: Woo Product Description renders shortcodes;
  • misc: Coupons can be filled on the checkout page;
  • misc: Option to Enable/Disable the lightbox effect on the Gutenberg Gallery shortcode;
  • misc: Save page – Added a dropdown list with options to save the header, footer, or content separately;
  • misc: We’ve updated the Revolution Slider plugin to the latest version;
  • misc: WPML support for tagDiv Cloud Woo templates;
  • fix: Facebook login;
  • fix: Fixed missing “Extra class” setting on some blocks;
  • fix: Fixed a fatal error coming from Opt-In Builder;
  • fix: Form Input: Border radius now also affects checkboxes and radio buttons;
  • fix: Posts Form Submit/User Update Form Submit: Fixed an issue with horizontal alignment;
  • fix: PHP 8.1 warning on Background Featured Image when the post has no featured image;
  • fix: Disable Mobile Theme on an individual page with Child Theme active;
  • fix: Fixed an issue where the searched address contains a ‘postal_town’ type of address instead of the usual ‘locality’;
  • fix: Fixed an issue with checkboxes when there is not enough space to display the labels on the Form Input element;
  • fix: Hide for visitors – on the Button and Custom Field shortcode;
  • fix: Hiding elements on mobile templates;
  • fix: Remove the theme layout settings from the ACF post type;
  • fix: SVG on the Hero shortcode;
  • fix: You cannot delete color if you remove the Global Color name;
  • fix: Displaying category post template in admin bar;
  • fix: The option to hide the “Add to cart form” on simple products when the product is out of stock;
  • fix: Scroll on the mobile menu/mobile search click;
  • fix: If the comment field is not completed with reCaptcha, you get WP errors;
  • fix: Remove AMP when Mobile Theme is disabled on an individual page;
  • fix: Mailerlite for tagDiv Newsletter plugin;
  • fix: Using live content on the Cloud template preview;
  • fix: The dropdown icon doesn’t appear on the Select Variation element on the cart;
  • fix: Applying fonts on Posts List;
  • fix: Page templates settings on WordPress > 6.0;
  • fix: View Global post standard template in admin bar on WPML;
  • fix: Ad box – “Hide ads for subscribed users” option not working for admins/editors;
  • fix: Social icons – fixed an issue with the ‘Order social icons’ option;
  • fix: Flex Loop Filters – An issue with multi-select dropdowns and added the ability to unselect an option from the dropdown;
  • fix: Admin URL exposed in source code;
  • fix: Other css fixes;
Version 12.1.1 – November 17th, 2022

  • fix: Added an extra security check to avoid potential vulnerability in Theme Options.
Version 12.1 – October 19th, 2022
  • fix: Security Update – Removed the Facebook login for security concerns (until we fix it).
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