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Mass Site Visitor - a traffic bot v1.2

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Mass Site Visitor - a traffic bot - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Mass Site Visitor (MSV) is intended to create a lot of traffic to sites of your decision through the rundown of intermediaries in a multi-string way. It runs mechanized program meetings behind the scenes on your PC and coordinates their traffic through intermediaries. MSV permits you to set guest conduct from straightforward like page visiting, to complex contingent snaps on any components of your page.

Freshest and most blazing video instructional exercise: How to mass auto click joins

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Most recent elements include:

1. JavaScript referrer parodying (for Google Analytics traffic sources)

2. Chromedriver (non-headless program to impact video/sound view depends on sites that track the playback from guests). Supportive tip: don't utilize JS referrer ridiculing with this component, since media sharing destinations couldn't care less about traffic sources, that would be just valuable for affecting Google Analytics.

3. More intermediary channels for scrubber.

4. Test all intermediaries (will utilize the association break and number of endeavors from the Options window)

5. Private intermediary support, counsel the manual with regards to how arrangement you intermediary rundown to supply confirmation data for a private intermediary supplier.

6. Editable program aspects. Take a look at the Options menu, and utilize the configuration, as you'll see for the default goals, given the program.

7. Firefox geckodriver. For situations when Chrome isn't sufficient. Daily is a favored variant because main it was working appropriately without crashes on various machines.

8. Exploratory: Alexa toolbar/augmentation. Caution: works steadily just with Firefox Nightly.

9. Numerous site objections to a meeting. One site for every line in a text field - one of those will be arbitrarily chosen each opportunity to visit.

10. Look for the component to click inside an iframe. On the off chance that a connection is inside an installed outsider site page, counsel the manual on the best way to utilize it. If the connection isn't in an iframe - simply leave the last 2 text fields of the content as they are (unified with NO, another void)
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  1. Mass Site Visitor v1.2 - a traffic bot

    Version 1.2 released (Sep 2021): -Variety of bugfixes and improvements

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