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v2.6.3 - 01/07/2022
* Tweak: now you can set as "responsive" the items on Dynamic Posts, Dynamic Products, Dynamic Products On Sale, Products in the Cart, Product Upsells, Product Cross-Sells, Favorites, Woo Wishlist, Sticky Posts, Search Results, My Posts widgets
* Notice: Title widget now is called Dynamic Title
* Fix: Skin Grid with Filters didn't work when used with numeric terms
* Fix: Dynamic Title widget didn't retrieve the post title on a loop in the archive page
* Fix: on ACF Slider widget the previous and next buttons would also control other sliders on the same page
* Fix: on ACF Repeater widget the previous and next buttons didn't work if another ACF Repeater was inside the template
* Minor Fixes
v2.6.2 - 22/06/2022
* Tweak: Field Icons for Elementor Pro Form now supports Elementor's Date and Time Fields
* Fix: Dynamic Posts with Search&Filter: Visual problem after filter selection in some situations
* Fix: When closing a Read More modal the page would not be scrollable in some situations
* Fix: Improvements on PHP 8.1 support
* Minor Fixes
v2.6.1 - 14/06/2022
* Notice: We remind you again that from 30 June the new minimum PHP version will be PHP 7.1
* New: PDF Generator - URL Field for Elementor Pro Form. For using the URL of the PDF generator's PDF on other actions and saving it on the Elementor Submisssions
* Fix: conflict between some third-party plugins and the Dynamic Google Maps widget
* Fix: visual glitch with two Dynamic Posts widgets on the same page
* Fix: Elementor's Image Carousel and potentially other widgets visual problems when their appearance is controlled by Dynamic Visibility
* Fix: Elementor's Image Carousel and potentially other widgets visual problems when contained in the Modals widget
* Fix: warning about missing CSS file
* Fix: conflict between the widget Views and other elements on the same page caused by changes on WordPress query object
* Fix: JS Error in Dynamic Posts with Search & Filter Pro in some cases
* Minor Fixes
* Notice: from this version is required Elementor > v3.2.0 and, if used, Elementor Pro > v3.2.0
* New: Dynamic Visibility for Pages. Now you can hide the content of an entire page
* New: Dynamic Tag - Posts
* New: Dynamic Tag - Sticky Posts
* New: Dynamic Tag - My Posts
* New: Dynamic Tag - Products
* Tweak: now you can filter subfields on the ACF Repeater widget
* Tweak: new action 'dynamicooo/posts/query_results' for customizing the results of the query on Dynamic Posts
* Tweak: WPML support for Dynamic Visibility - Fallback Text and Tooltip - Content
* Notice: The recommended way to put a signature in PDF Generator with HTML Templates is now with the variable 'form_raw' instead of 'form'
* Notice: Post Meta widget set as deprecated. You can continue to use it but we recommend using "Text Editor with Tokens" or "Dynamic Tag - Tokens" on new installations
* Fix: When using a Search & Filter Form targeting more than one Dynamic.ooo widget, only one would work
* Fix: Dynamic Visibility could break the style of a page with more than one widget of the same type if the first of them was hidden
* Minor Fixes
* Tweak: Compatibilty with Elementor 3.7.0
* Tweak: on Dynamic Google Maps now you can change the zoom after the Geolocation
* Tweak: added alt attribute on Before/After widget
* Tweak: In Text Editor with Tokens when using custom HTML tags you can now enforce style settings with the class dce-force-style
* Fix: Post Meta widget didn't work correctly
* Fix: Linkable Template on Dynamic Posts didn't work after a request of Search & Filter Pro
* Fix: Terms and Taxonomy widget didn't work correctly on a loop
* Fix: Dynamic Email for Elementor Pro Form conflict with WP Mail SMPT in some situations
* Fix: Skin Carousel inside non default tabs not working
* Minor Fixes

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