Brisk - Multi-Purpose Elementor WordPress Theme

Brisk - Multi-Purpose Elementor WordPress Theme v5.0.2

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v. 4.0.9 – 24 April 2023

UPD -- Update to UiCore Framework 4.1.9
UPD -- Improved Quick Support Beta
FIX -- Fixed Warning: filemtime() on UiCore Animate
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UPD -- Update to UiCore Framework 4.1.6
NEW -- Added option for Theme Builder Popup to show it again after x days
UPD -- Updated Quick Support Beta
UPD -- Updated menu icon style on mobile
FIX -- Fixed issues with Element Pack Pro widgets being locked
FIX -- Fixed the Rollback option in Theme Options - Updates
FIX -- Fixed conditions issues for Custom Post Type in Theme Builder
UPD -- Update to UiCore Framework 4.1.4
FIX -- Fixed issue with Split Text Animation
FIX -- Fixed sidebar layout on portfolio single

V 4.0.3 - 1 FEBRUARY 2023​

  • NEW Update to UiCore Framework 4.1.3
  • NEW New UI for theme activation
  • UPD Improvements to the mobile header height change
  • UPD Added styling for Alignwide images in Gutenberg
  • FIX Fixed template library page search
  • FIX Fixed custom CSS issues on page options
  • FIX Fixed Advanced Post Grid masonry on Safari

Brisk v. 4.0.2 – 22 December 2022

UPD -- Update to UiCore Framework 4.1.2
UPD -- Performance improvements on smart sticky menu on mobile
UPD -- Added filter to remove home from breadcrumbs
UPD -- Editor loading performance improvements
FIX -- Fixed issue with Theme Builder Popup positioning
FIX -- Fixed issue with Template Library
FIX -- Fixed issue with mobile menu spacing
v. 4.0.0 – 12 November 2022

UPD -- Update to UiCore Framework 4.1.0
NEW -- Theme Builder 2.0: now with support for Archive, Single and Page Title
NEW -- New items added to Template Library: Header, Footer, Page Title, Archive, Single, Popup, and Portfolio
NEW -- New Theme Builder Widgets
NEW -- New Split Text animations
NEW -- New Button hover effects
NEW -- New menu hover effects
NEW -- Marquee option added to Custom Carousel widget
NEW -- Added fixed (sticky) option for header, footer and page title in Theme Builder
NEW -- Custom Cursor
NEW -- Added option for link colors in Theme Options typography
NEW -- Added custom breakpoint option for mobile menu
UPD -- Support for new Elementor Container Widget
UPD -- Enhanced Theme Builder display conditions
UPD -- Side Drawer mobile enhancements
UPD -- Page Options performance improvements
UPD -- Added filter for blog grid image size
FIX -- Fixed submenu issues on WordPress v.6.1
FIX -- Fixed editor issues on Elementor v.3.8
FIX -- Fixed issues with RTL mobile menu (slide animation)
FIX -- Fixed issue with mobile menu closing after clicking links
FIX -- Fixed issue with editor on portfolio post type
FIX -- Fixed issue with Top Banner fade down animation
v. 3.2.8 – 19 July 2022

NEW -- Option to align column to section container
NEW -- Added Header and Footer custom content in Theme Options
NEW -- Custom mobile menu content hook
UPD -- Added Color option for Highlighted Text
FIX -- Fixed breadcrumbs on blog post Simple Page Title
FIX -- Font loading method inherits Elementor settings
FIX -- Fixed single portfolio Elementor template issue
FIX -- Fixed mobile submenu animation on RTL languages
FIX -- Fixed sidebar issue on search results
FIX -- Fixed page options transparent header on mobile issue
FIX -- Added MetForm default styles (global)
FIX -- Added missing translation strings for blog
UPD --Update to UiCore Framework 3.2.7
UPD -- Improved mobile submenu styling
UPD -- Support for multiple theme builder popups
FIX -- Fixed container sizing issue on non-Elementor pages
FIX -- Fixed mega-menu animation
FIX -- Fixed issue with Post Grid widget not showing post info
FIX -- Minor bug fixes

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