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  1. steve354

    Top Vacation Rental Business to know in 2022

    Airbnb We all know what Airbnb is and what it does. They are the pioneer of online vacation rental platforms. Airbnb streamlined and amplified the growth of the vacation rental industry. Airbnb is said to have over 150 million users on its platform, which you can fully utilize to grow your...
  2. steve354

    Menulog and their Marketing strategies

    Everyone is aware that the food delivery concept is becoming increasingly popular and experienced a sudden surge during the pandemic period. Here, we will see about menulog and its marketing activities. Continue reading to find out more. About Menulog Menulog is an online food and beverage...
  3. steve354

    What is Uber clone?

    What is Uber? Uber is a Taxi booking app that acts as an intermediator between rider and driver. It is a platform(app) to connect drivers and riders and charged them both as commissions and made revenue out of it. What is Uber clone? The name used as a selling point helps clients understand...
  4. steve354

    The complete cost required to develop a Taxi app solution:

    Factors influencing the cost of Taxi app solution: Features and functionality that you choose for the app. The period required for the development. The technology used for the development. The complexity of the UI implemented will influence the cost of development. Whether it's a ready-made app...
  5. steve354

    How to Start a Handyman Business?

    Handyman business offers you a variety of home repair services based upon the customers' needs. You must follow the right strategies and integrate the right resources and tools that will make you stand out from the other handyman businesses. Imagine waking up and realizing that your water pipe...
  6. steve354

    How to increase the revenue of your rental business?

    Rental industry is growing at an incredible rate in 2022 when compared to the past decade and it’s a great opportunity to get in while it is continuing to grow in the market. According to Statista, the rental industry revenue is expected to be US$20.36bn by 2026. Here are some ways to optimize...
  7. steve354

    7 Best Delivery Apps in 2022

    Have you ever thought of having an app that delivers everything? You got it right. Everything! Since the pandemic, delivery apps have become very popular and the number of people who uses these apps has increased. People wish to have a multi delivery service app that delivers food, groceries...
  8. steve354

    Top 10 Medicine Delivery Apps in 2022

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, only a few industries were able to make good revenue and one such industry was the pharmaceutical industry. Recent research from Zion shows that the market for healthcare product delivery services is expected to reach $107.5 billion by 2025. Most of the people...
  9. steve354

    Readymade Uber clone VS scratch app [which one to prefer]

    Flexibility: There is no worry when you and your co-founder aren't tech-savvy. The ready-made solution offers in-built features. So you don't need coding knowledge. This allows you to focus more on the marketing and financial aspects of your company. To develop an app from scratch, you must...
  10. steve354

    Top Features of Uber clone (Rider) (Driver)

    Having an idea to start a taxi business? But don’t know whom to hire to build your app. We flutterapps build taxi app exactly like Uber. Uber clone is a readymade solution, that can be customized to the market needs and demands. We build our Uber clone using Flutter technology. The main reason...
  11. steve354

    Top 5 Benefits of using the Flutter framework

    Benefits of using Flutter: These are the top 5 advantages of using Flutter to create your apps. Let's get directly to the advantages: 1. Single Code Base: To efficiently create apps for both the Android and iOS platforms, developers only need to type out a single code...

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