How to Check Articles being Indexed by Google or Not

It is necessary for a blog to appear on search results. To do so, the article must be indexed properly by Google. It's important for you to know whether the article is being indexed properly or not.

Many people are curious and have some questions after publishing an article like, Is article is indexed or not? How to check it? etc.

And the answer is, Yes you can check it. There are several ways to do it and we are going to describe them one-by-one.

1: Write Page Title

En easy way to check it is via searching the title of page in Google search engine. This will result in showing all pages with the same page titles. You have to find your article in it. It may be on first page or at second or third. If it's showing just like in the photo above, then it means your article is indexed. Otherwise check it via other ways discribed below.

2: Write Page URL

The most easiest and effective way to check article is just simply write the full URL of article in google search engine and search it. Since, multiple article URLs cannot be same, you will get the results as shown in the picture above. If you get nothing then it means that the article still not indexed.

3: Write Site URL

Another direct way to search the article is by searching with an attribute "". You can filter the search results using the syntax described below;

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Just make sure the title is written within quotation marks so that you get what you inquired.

If it's not indexed then yet then there is no need to worry about that. We will get some help from Google Search console. Just make sure you are on this URL

4: Google Search Console

Add you site property if still not added. Copy the article URL and put it on the search bar at the top of page. If the article is indexed then it will be shown as in the picture above and if not then following will be display;
All you have to do is click on "REQUEST INDEXING". It will add your article in the priority queue to index.

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