How to Remove --> on Custom Blogger Templates

How to Remove --> on Custom Blogger Templates
We are back with another interesting article about How to remove --> on Custom Blogger Templates. This is now a most frequently asked question these days as Google have changed Blogger admin panel layout. It suddenly start appearing in the header of blog after Blogger updates. This problem is mostly occurring on custom designed Blogger templates (not on Built-In templates).

Main Causes of Problem:

Mostly, the main cause is the usage of modified version of head tag used to hide blogger default CSS. It’s a trick used by Blogger theme developers to hide CSS and Javascript to not burden the blog loading. You can see the example of modified head tag below:


How to remove code -->?

To resolve this issue, edit your HTML template and remove the highlighted code as shown below:


The new code will be look like this:


If you still facing tge issue then replace the whole code with this:


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