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    How to make an Automatic Source Link on Blogger

Are you curious about people copying your content? This time, VUInsider will provide you a tip on How to make an Automatic Source Link on Blogger.

Copy/Paste thing is considered to be a normal thing on blogger if someone just copy some of your information. BUT what if someone copies all of your content without giving a source link?

Don't worry, VUInsider got your back!

That thing can be resolved by installing an automatic source code on blogger.

How to make an Automatic Source Link on Blogger

Login to blogger > Open Dashboard > Click on Themes > Click on Edit HTML > And add the code right before </head> or </body>
<script type='text/javascript'> //<![CDATA[ function copaslink(){var e,n=document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0],t=(e=window.getSelection())+("<br/><br/> Source : <a href='"+document.location.href+"'>"+document.location.href+"</a><br/>"),o=document.createElement("div");"absolute","-99999px",n.appendChild(o),o.innerHTML=t,e.selectAllChildren(o),window.setTimeout(function(){n.removeChild(o)},0)}document.oncopy=copaslink; //]]> </script>code-box

Note: Change the highlighted word as you want. alert-info

After adding the code, click save button and your are done! Congratulations, you have successfully integrated the code for How to make an Automatic Source Link on Blogger.

Results can be seen as when someone copies content from your blog, they also bring the source link too.

Comment below if you have any questions or queries regarding this article.

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