Virtual University FAQs

Q. Is the Virtual University a private or Government institution?
Ans. Virtual University of Pakistan is very much a Government University as it was established by the Government of Pakistan itself to provide extremely affordable world class education at your doorstep.

Q. Does the University have different standards for the various provinces?
Ans. No, Virtual University doesn't have different standards for the various provinces. The University provides an identical education to all its students regardless of their geographical location. All Virtual University students receive the same study materials no matter where they live. Even examinations are identical throughout the country.

Q. Who are the Professors at the Virtual University of Pakistan?
Ans. The Virtual University utilizes the services of the very best professors that the country has to offer. They belong to the best universities and other institutions of the country and are acknowledged masters of their subjects. Most of the professors hold PhD degrees.

Q. Virtual University education must be very expensive!
Ans. No, Virtual University education is not expensive at all. You will be surprised to see that Virtual University programs are very much affordable. The fee of a BS program is only Rs. 650/- per credit hour. The fee for the Diploma program, MCS, MIT and MBA fees are only Rs. 1000/- per credit hour. The fee for the MS program in Computer Science is Rs. 2,000/- per credit hour.

Q. Where a student can study?
Ans. If you are a full time student then you can and should join any one of 200+ campuses of the Virtual University. These campases are located in over 60 cities of the country. You can check the list here ( However, if you are a job holder or it is difficult for you to attend classes at campus, then you can study from home. You will need a computer with Internet connectivity.

Q. How a student study at VU?
Ans. You attend lectures as per the declared timetable through Virtual University's television channels VTV1, VTV2, VTV3 and VTV4. The schedule can be find on VU web-site or student's very own LMS account. All Virtual University courses are also available on CDs/DVDs.

Q. How do a student appear for exams?
Ans. The Virtual University establishes examination centers throughout the country by turning campuses to exam centers. These examinations are conducted under the supervision of the examiners.

Q. Is the VU degree recognized?
Ans. Yes, Virtual University's degree is recognized Nationally as well as Internationally because it was established by the Government of Pakistan. You can also visit the HEC web-site to make sure. (

Q. From where a student can obtain the lecture CDs?
Ans. CDs are easily available on the Virtual University bookshop (

Q. Are the courses offered by VU comparable to international standards?
Ans. Yes, the courses offered by VU comparable to international standards. VU programs are based on curricula which are developed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Q. Will a student be able to continue his/her education in any other university after obtaining a degree from VU?
Ans. Definitely, a student can to continue his/her education in any other university after obtaining a degree from VU due to it's HEC Recongnized. In fact, VU graduates are already pursuing their MS and higher studies at top universities, not only in Pakistan but in abroad as well.

Q. How can you get my admission form and where should you submit it?
Ans. You can get the admission form and all necessary information from your near Virtual University campus. You can submit your filled application forms along with all required documents to the any campus or directly to the Virtual University Head Office (In Lahore). Admission form can also be downloaded from VU web-site (